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Thank You Donald Trump!


by Marion Marks

Sarcasm is often utilized by the weak to belittle those who are unable to defend themselves. Ridicule falls similarly as a trait people use to control and segregate others by belittling their character and actions. Too often these tools are identified with evil and negative behaviors.

It is with great care that I temper any actions or criticism when dealing with those with whom I cannot identify. So, when I thank Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, David Duke and those who identify with the words and actions documented in the last few days around Charlottesville, Virginia, I must admit it is with a degree of sarcasm and ridicule that I accept guilt.

I truly thank these characters for the degree to which they exposed themselves and the transparency of their beliefs and the rationale with which they have explained their actions. Words they used to identify themselves and the America they have attempted to mold are really quite clear and chilling. In defining themselves they helped me identify myself 

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2017 Resolution: a Better Free Press


 by Marion Marks

“Surprises” in presidential, as well as other, elections are the norm, and 2016 was no exception. The spaceship did not come down from Mars and impregnate Nancy Reagan! But, WHOPPERS this year were really not difficult to clarify so we could focus on facts, even if the facts didn’t support our desires.

The issue of these fake stories, and the Russian hacking was that too many people spent too much time and resources away from the central issues of the democratic election process. It should be as simple as teaching a child to bat in baseball or  softball: Keep your eye on the ball! Read more


Drawing the Red Line


by Marion Marks

Mobile, AL – The city cuts an historic cedar tree from a public park for a Trump rally backdrop, and citizens and the media denounce the action. The outcry appears to be quite partisan, as Trump supporters don’t see any issue with using a tree in this manner, “after all it’s only a tree and it’s a renewable resource.” Yet the logic defies any appreciation that Trump backers fought so hard to denounce Clinton for supporting. Just who’s tree is it anyway, and why would people get so upset about something so simple?

We need to be clear that trees by a recommended company, animals and people are all part of the balance of our lives. It’s not about any single tree. The case is about respect for those things that make our society, cities, states, America a civil society — It’s that thing that recognizes the “whim to please” or the “casual twitter” should not promote Read more


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American Politics in 7 Minutes


quotes-on-the-internetby Marion Marks

Jeff Daniels, “The Newsroom,” delivered what has been referred to as “The most honest minutes in television history” when his character was asked “Why America is the Greatest country in the world?” The two other panelist in the university panel discussion gave traditional, compact answers to the student, but Daniel’s character went off-script, so to speak, by challenging the student and the system, quoting statistics of why America is falling short of it’s better self. “No, America is NOT the greatest country in the world…” [jump to 3:05 if you only want the ‘meat’ of the clip]

Daniel’s enumerates point by point short comings of the current generation of leaders and aspirants to leadership. From education, healthcare and criminal justice, points of failure are recognized, but these are not necessarily fatal flaws, as some candidates would have citizens believe. These are a recognition of human frailties as well as a recognition of where Read more


The Narcissism of Trump Candidacy


trump-blood-whereverby Alan J. Lipman,
 – Dr. Lipman has been a professor at Georgetown University and The George Washington University, and has held positions at Yale University School of Medicine and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of The Center for the Study of Violence and Washington Psychotherapy. The views expressed are his own.

As a clinical psychologist, I have worked with many narcissists over the past 30 years, and have taught how to detect and treat such behavior. That’s why it isn’t hard for me to spot some of the signs, even from a distance, in Donald Trump.

trump-trade-center-tiradeFor a start, there is the severe inability to focus on consequences other than those which directly affect him. There is a significant lack of empathy for the nation, and the impact that personal decisions made in rage would have upon the nation and its citizens. There is also the impulsivity with which Trump makes decisions of sweeping consequence, as well as the inability, even with the most stringent preparation, to prevent eruptions. All of this suggests narcissism. And together these Read more


The Gutter Gets Even More Foul


trump-logic-of-time-arguementby Marion Marks

At 9:00 last night I felt like the gutter couldn’t get any fouler, but obviously I was mistaken. The thought of explaining it all as locker room humor” is an embarrassment to coaches and athletes everywhere, because we wouldn’t allow this – EVEN IN A LOCKER ROOM. And, the gutter trash has exceeded my ability to comfortably filter it without feeling I have to bathe in a strong cleaning agent.

I’m EXTREMELY embarrassed for Republicans who will have to explain to their children and grandchildren their responses to this history.

Social drinking gone awry…

Yes, Hillary screwed up her emails, cell phones and the pattern of addressing questions regarding them. But, all that being said, the surface of Trump’s character flaws has barely been scratched. We have met an enemy, and his traits follow a pattern that even Trump has described about other – It can’t be fixed!

From a review in the Opinion pages of the New York Times, the following links have been verified by David Leonhard and the sources linked concerning Trump statements last night:

He lied about a sex tape.

He lied about his lies about ‘birtherism.’

He lied about the growth rate of the American  Read more


Trump Moral Gymnastics Flops


By Marion Marks

After the Donald Trump 2005 video that was as abusive of women as any locker room high school gutter explosion, the Trump campaign appears to have huddled in the back room. Failing to return to speak with the press after multiple discussions today, the feeling is that the “moral” contingency has moved into hibernation until the election is over. The religious right is holding their collective breaths in hopes that the moment might pass. And Paul Ryan is “SICKENED” by Trump’s comments.img_8839

Other than that, the polls will continue to be measures and the down-ticket will distance from the presidential candidate, Trump. Dominoes will continue to be stacked and the chips will “fall where they may.”

Sunday’s presidential debate is in question, but I’m betting that Trump finally admits he made a major screw up. And, since Trump made his record more transparent on his history of the treatment of women, the women’s vote may move like the tides of Hurricane Matthew, over the tidal barriers. Hurricane Trump may move further out to sea, and America and the Republican Party might admit we dodged a potential nightmare.


Voting to Burn Down Our Home

Make America...
Make America What Again?

by Marion Marks

Linking Donald Trump to public anger is a clear parallel that demonstrates that national sentiment against anyone in elected office and frustration with the status quo of government today. The ease with which Trump harnesses anger parallels the 1968 Nixon campaign, rallying “Ignored Americans” who supported a governmental crack down on dissidents, blacks and hippies. Nixon convinced white voters that, left unchecked, the radicals were coming to burn down their homes.

Richard NixonThe 1969 “Troubled American” issue of Newsweek based many articles on the results of their commissioned Gallup Poll that measured the sentiment of the white majority. Today the numbers may also be comparable to what they found:

  • 56% supported the government crackdown by the government
  • 85% of whites felt that black militants were getting off too easily
  • 65% felt that unemployed blacks were more likely to get Read more

When Good Men Do Nothing, Evil Triumphs…


edmund-burke-good-men-evil-succeedsby Marion Marks

You would expect that Donald Trump couldn’t keep doing the same thing, behaving the same, denying the state of affairs as he explains history and expect the public to change their perception of him. Certainly problems of his opponent make his record less troubling to supporters.

But, the truth is that there are no other politicians who have the history of corruption, double-dealing, and fraud that Donald Trump has clearly established. The record, including court documents, deserves more articles that detail staggering data will appear before November. This is a partial list of Trump tragedies that would each cripple a normal candidate: