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Will Glover’s Stubbornness Be His Legacy?


 Bond Sales, Dog Park, worse to come?

Shreveport Attorney John Settle
Opinion by John Settle

At his inauguration party in 2006, newly minted Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover started the festivities with a celebratory announcement “Well, here we are…..” He was, of course, referred to his narrow victory over Jerry Jones and his election as Shreveport’s’ first African American mayor. Almost 8 years later, most Shreveport residents are saying, in disappointed if not sarcastic tones, “Well here we are….” as Glover continues to take flack during his last few months as a lame duck Mayor.

Glover Victory 2006Admittedly Glover had many challenges when he took office,– high municipal bond debt, a lagging economy and resentment as well as suspicion due to his race, lack of formal education (only a high school diploma), and his job (as in no job) history. In many aspects, the Big G has improved the overall state of the city. Nevertheless he has allowed several issues to become bigger than life (even bigger than Big G was himself at his Read more


Mayor Glover: Tuesday Morning History Lesson


by Marion Marks VIDEOS of PRESENTATION: [Part 1 of Mayor HERE][Part 2 HERE] [Part 3-HERE]

Glover Speaks Tuesday morning
Glover Speaks Tuesday morning

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover showed up at the Shreveport Hotel for an 8:00 AM breakfast meeting prepared to open a big can of worms. Starting with the inner-city I-49 corridor plans, moving to the 3132 extension, Jim Larkin development and I-69 master plan, and capping off a one-hour-forty minute presentation with the repeated attacks by insider financial interests on Calvin Grigsby’s attempt to diversify the “good-ole-white-boy club” of financial advisors, Glover hit both Republican bigotry and greed as the root of growth problems the city and nation face in upcoming elections and decisions of policy. Even the Shreveport Dog Park became a target, again! It was a very rambling presentation of One Hour thirty five minutes, as I’m sure many think this article.

Mayor Speaks TuesdaySeldom have so many broad areas been covered with a small group and general expectations that the audience would generate attendance at a city council meeting-rally to be held this afternoon at Government Plaza. If readers and the media (KTBS was the only mainstream media representative I saw in attendance) fail to get the message out, it will be social media and bloggers who recount the rambling message covered. Read more


Mayor’s “Move Forward” is “Stuck in Reverse”


I-220 copyA key Resolution to keep an eye on at the City Council work session and meeting upcoming is Resolution 220 (R-220), which will establish the Dog Park on the riverfront near Stoner Avenue. This resolution requires the mayor to comply with his stated intention to accept funding from Red River Waterway Commission and Shreveport Dog Park Alliance and unwind the litigation with Mayor Glover in an orderly, responsible manner. Citizens, based upon past performance (or lack thereof) must review and communicate with City Council members and the Mayor to reiterate concern that the Mayor must follow through on his stated intentions. He must cut city legal expenses to outside attorneys in this matter and comply with the will of the city council and state court instructions regarding the duty of the mayor in this case as outlined in the city charter.

Mayor's score today
Mayor’s score today

Further failures by the mayor to complete this project in a timely manner only cements his legacy as

Read more


The Poisoned Gift to Democracy


Truth, honor and justice, in theory, are classless, partyless and color blind. Democratically elected officials’ willingness to evaluate and govern is forced to bear the weight of political party, corruption and all manner of entities demanding “our piece of the pie.”

It is this burden today Louisiana and particularly Shreveport face in solving long-term problems. The Jindal machine has stripped resources from citizens it has taken generations to build, such as the public healthcare network. It is probably so bad that Jindal’s legacy will not be what he has built, rather it will be what he has deconstructed.

In Shreveport, the legacy of a two-term mayor will be what he has squandered and a dog park. In itself, the dog park is probably the single biggest nothing a mayor could have drawn a line in the dirt over. Every major and most small cities

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Governing in “Good Faith” – But, NOT HERE!


Pope leads fair discussions The concept of “Good Faith” at this time of year brings thoughts of warmth, family and close relationships, where issues are resolved for the benefit of all parties. Unfortunately, dealing with Mayor Glover on the Dog Park and City Financial Advisor Calvin Grigsby has been a traumatic experience for the city council and all citizens who have had city business in the last year.

pigeon on chess boardOne party to the dog park saga relates dealing with the mayor this way: Negotiating with Glover is like playing chess with a pigeon. The bird knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board and then struts around like it won the game!

King's X
Mayor: “Sure, I will…”

The very concept of contemptuous and disruptive negotiating is akin to North Korean dictatorial demands, but with mayor Glover “All” is fair for him. His letter to the Red River Read more


A Shreveport Demonstration of (Attempted?) Political Blackmail


by Elliott Stonecipher

Exposure-corruptionIn Shreveport and any other city particularly afflicted by more or less open official malfeasance, it is certainly true that such cesspools are kept full to overflowing by both the official malfeasors and the absence of an outraged citizenry.  It is just as true, though, that the citizenry cannot act against that about which it has no knowledge, or insufficient understanding.

screwed_by_GloverAt tomorrow’s Shreveport City Council meeting, anyone who cares to attend or watch the live broadcast on our local access channel (Channel 6) will be able to see precisely how our city’s poisoned governmental sausage is made these days.  I particularly invite – well, urge – all investigative agencies to pay very special attention.

The headline of this glob of nasty city business is Mayor Cedric Glover’s political blackmail of city council members to force the re-hiring of Calvin Grigsby as the “city’s” financial adviser.  In truth, Grigsby was never the “city’s” financial adviser, he was Glover’s, hired with Read more


Local Crooks, Dogs and Money

Personal skills at work...
If Mouth moves it’s work…

Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.”
      ― Leo Tolstoy,
A Confession

Elliott Stonecipher understands “WRONG” as far as the evils of Calvin Grigsby, financial advisor to the city of Shreveport and the relationship that seems to exist with Mayor Cedric B Glover.

It’s necessary to read his writings on the subject in any analysis of the claims. Elliott’s research is second to none in accuracy and it’s necessary to review the details when tracking down “snake evidence.” Remember, when the snake is cornered, the snake is most dangerous. Some snakes need to be put out of our city’s misery; some of the snake’s accomplices too.

It would be a bitter pill!
It would be a bitter pill!

In the big scheme of things, the mayor draws attention to the dog park and people no longer focus on the bigger elephant in the room. It’s like all the oxygen is taken out of the room. The public may have been “swallowing the dog and choking on the flea,” but this dog hasn’t been digested. We refuse to go down without trying to make other points the mayor doesn’t want connected. We believe each councilman realizes the Read more


Sadness in a Potentially Successful Dog Park


muggle-dogs“Don’t let the Muggles get you down!”
-Ron Weasley
( from Harry Potter for you old non-readers!)

Sadness has a value in that when we are sad, we may learn to appreciate the suffering of others. Citizens, by definition, have a responsibility to their community which motivates them to help others in need. Our emotional experience should motivate us more if we merely have an “intellectual knowledge” of the obligation to help. Elected leaders, on the other hand, have sworn to assist the community. 

sports_park_shreveportOur sadness today is in realizing that Shreveport has squandered, to this point, opportunities that would raise the value of the community in self worth as well as in public relations value through the squabbles related to the construction of a simple park. Parks of all types currently serve varying segments of the community.

Many of these parks, such as skate, golf, tennis, playgrounds have costs running the gamut of a few dollars per Read more


Holding Anger on a Very Short Dog Leash

Dangerous energy
Dangerous energy

Mayor Cedric Glover controls the balance of Anger and Rage as he weighs his choices the next few days. Anger can be a constructive emotion when we see an injustice and our anger helps bring us to correct that injustice. Anger is the electric generator constructively harnessed. Rage, however, is the evil mirror of anger. Rage is the violent erupting volcano spewing molten lava on all, benefiting none through widespread destruction.

The SDPA (Shreveport Dog Park Alliance) is an alliance of citizens who feel true and righteous Anger at the actions of Shreveport’s mayor. As a united group, the alliance channeled constructive energy in a manner they felt was responsible. Never has the group been obtuse in action or purpose. No citizen joined this alliance with the thought of personally benefitting from the clearly established goal of adding an off-leash dog park to the city inventory of public parks all citizens would enjoy. Take a look at this CBD for cats and dogs that alleviates their pain, reduces tumors and also calms them down by managing their stress and anxiety.

Potentially constructive energy

Unlike a volcanic eruption, rage is controllable. However, the time to Read more


Glover Conviction for Implausible Magnifies


Oscar Wilde:
“Audiences will believe the impossible but never the implausible.”

Crisis StonewallingGovernment leadership today requires weaving a cloth of color, substance and strength, but, above all, it demands a mix of materials capable of withstanding storms of public dissent. Some leaders rally citizens to conquer the impossible, but the theater of Shreveport’s mayor Glover seems to be implausible.

Universal City, TX dogpark
Universal City, Texas dog park

Dog parks across America range from simple green spaces to broad running areas separated by fences with features that appeal to communities they serve. Costs range from a few thousand dollars upward. None seem to have sparked the litigation and friction Shreveport has generated after the 2007–2008 Master Planning sessions developed the Charles and Marie Hamel Dog Park on land donated by a family to honor their parents.And now, as the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance attempts to find common ground to cut through the gorgon harangue the mayor has manipulated, further roadblocks seem to be the Glover calling card.

Originally money was secured from outside authorities by a loyal group of citizens who saw the benefits of a public dog park. Not a soul intended anything that would divide the community; not a soul had more than public spirit as work commenced to raise money, awareness and spirit through this venture. The site was already being maintained by Shreveport Parks and Recreation, and the goal of a fenced areas with water was all the park was intended to include. Remember this is a dog park! It is for pet owners, potential pet owners, families trying to have quality time outdoors with their pets and general recreation.

The intent of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance was to raise all money privately, but directives from the mayor required far more expensive fencing and other amenities never planned from the outset. The alliance formed for the park took all these obstacles in stride and found financing that would not take one penny from Shreveport general funds. Additionally the group raised additional funds intended to add to city recreational facilities, but none of this seemed to fit in the mayor’s plans.

Motive to cross road questionedThe question now is what are the mayor’s ulterior motivations? Why should tax payers have to bear the cost of his litigation and meetings that extend far beyond the original scope of this project? Is there some group intent on using this land for other purposes and perhaps take more from the city and citizens? Has the mayor allowed his “Best to become the enemy of the Good?” Has the principle upon which he demands compliance become the single point that will sink his entire eight years with some of his supporters?

Perhaps in loving Shreveport so much Glover is intent on destroying the very thing that he says that he loves. His friction has become race baiting, and citizens, standing fast in their beliefs, have made it clear that the mayor’s position, as already interpreted by the courts, is illegal. Fractious politics has caused new tension in both legislative and judicial quarters that the mayor could calm should he bend his gigantic ego.

Skunk at the tableNo community should be forced to endure the costs generated by stubborn denial of facts and law. No elected leader should be so blind as to not recognize repeated attempts to give a way out of an untenable position. However, Shreveport seems destined to contend with the implausible.