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Examining the Ugly Side of GOP


by Marion Marks

Charlton Lyons, 1921
Charlton Lyons, 1921

Growing up in the South is both a blessing and a curse, particularly for those who peel back the layers of the past and examine the evolution of the politics and the modern Republican Party. For those who have been here since the 1950’s 2015-2016 has been a stressful and often painful year.

In 1952, Charlton Lyons headed the “Democrats for Eisenhower,” but, I wasn’t old enough to appreciate that election. However, I did get to later have a better understanding of the evolution of the Republican party during that time. Prior to Lyons, it was stated that the Louisiana GOP could hold a convention in a phone booth, serve fried chicken, and there would be plenty of room to dance. Things have changed drastically since then.

Joe D. Waggonner, US Representative
Joe D. Waggonner, US Representative

In 1961 Republican Lyons, a Shreveport oilman, won 45 percent of the votes in the special election against the Joe D. Waggonner, a Democrat in Louisiana’s 4th congressional district race for the US House of Representatives. This was the closest a Republican had come in a federal race since Reconstruction and marked a high-water post for many years. The contest received Read more


Antisocial Personality Disorder Defined by Politics


by Henry Walker


I want you to lend me your focus for a few minutes to cogitate with me on the meaning for our Nation of the recent public behavior by the Republican candidate for President. Being a progressive Democrat, I had concern as to my own bias, which in the end only served to delay me accepting that Mr. Trump suffers from several severe mental dysfunctions, referenced below. Understanding their multi-faceted components brings one to the inescapable reality of these illnesses. This, and knowing that he would have unilateral access to the nuclear trigger if elected, clearly creates an insurmountable hurdle to his candidacy. As former CIA Director Michael Morell put so clearly recently: “Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security,” and “Mr. Trump has no experience on national security. Even more important, the character traits he has exhibited during the primary season suggest he would be a poor, even dangerous, commander in chief.”

Trump_making light of illnessSo, what are these “character traits”, and why are they so dangerous? You should begin by pulling up Jayne Mayer’s article in the July 25th edition The New Yorker. This is amazing stuff, where Tony Schwartz , whoghostwrote Trump’s ‘autobiography’ The Art of the Deal,  now says that if he were writing  today, it would be entitled The Sociopath. Please, take the time to read the article.

Next, pull up the July 20 edition of The Atlantic Magazine, where senior editor James Amblin, M.D. explains why the descriptions of Read more


Abnormal Behavior and the Absurdity of Candidate Trump


by Marion Marks

When another makes the case so clearly that there is little more to say, I add only a request that others watch this moving video and listen carefully to the message. The Cruel, Crude and Absurd language that came from Trump finalizes the decision Republicans must heed and cut their losses. Republican candidates must separate from the damage Donald Trump has brought not just upon the party but upon the nation. The rate at which he is spiraling into meaningless oblivion is mind boggling.

Ezra Klein makes it clear that the systematic analysis of this one candidate and his campaign has broken bonds many voters have with their party allegiances. The GOP I knew and respected cannot tolerate this David Duke-like hideous calamity.Trump-I've sacrificed

“It isn’t how you and I would act!” … “Mitt Romney … John McCain never would have said this.” …  

“Trump could not restrain himself, he made this a national issue. And, so now he has Read more


The best Senior Communities


By creating senior lifestyle communities that radiate love, inspiration, compassion and joy, our residents lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives than most other residential communities in South Texas and there are some also other options for senior living in cities as New Jersey, you can find at sites such as You can check out other nearer options as well.

Wondering about the potential health and fitness benefits of Pahoa’s community? We’ve rounded up 25 ways seniors can make their homes stronger. Learn how you can take a peek at this ‘hood in a new web video:

‘Hommage’ to Hawaii: The Pahoa Civic Center

On the Oahu side of the island, you’ll find a residential community at the epicenter of an active and urban lifestyle. Among the many reasons to call Oahu home is its heritage, culture and welcoming demeanor. Come for the pastime of fishing and snorkeling in Haleakala National Park or stay and experience the culture of a tropical paradise for a lifetime.

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The Pahoa Civic Center community was built in 1983 to be more than just a place to live. You’ll be immersed in an abundance of activity from outdoor entertainment to beach activities to daily programming. From outdoor concerts to drum circles to art programs, it’s all here.

Here’s a peek at how Pahoa’s civic center has changed over the years:

(Photo Courtesy of Arie Minter)

Looking at it from the view from the island, you’ll see that our entrance to the Civic Center is from a pedestrian bridge. Pahoa’s Civic Center is also conveniently located for all the amenities we love here on the island:

Downtown Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center

Kakaako Park

Fogo Island’s Pahoa Bay

Aki Waikiki

Riverside Park

These historic gems are just a few of the sights you’ll experience along the ‘hood’s rivers, streets and waterways. When we think about waterfront in Hawaii, there’s no doubt that we’re referring to one of the island’s first parks, Hawaii Kaihonorary motto, “A well-known city within the city.”

From the beaches and parks to public art and cultural venues, Arie Minter’s Cultural Commons inspires all kinds of activity in Pahoa’s Parks and Civic Center.


If you’re looking to let off some steam, this is the place to find it. You’ll enjoy indulging in the arts and entertainment options that are right here in Pahoa’s Community. Whether it’s at a screening of your favorite movie, host a cooking class or class a group of friends, you’ll enjoy and revel in the cultural diversity we have here in Pahoa.

Leisure Activity Center

Pahoa’s Leisure Activity Center provides a comfortable indoor playground for kids and adults alike. Like a giant playground, the activity center has everything that you need to enjoy an active day:

Action parks

Kid-friendly activities

Relaxation space

Free Wi-Fi

Rock climbing wall

Areas that host food & beverage special events

Cultural venues, too

Paddle boats & camping rentals are available. Don’t forget to check out the convenience center that contains all your water, food and utilities.


GOP 2016: The Platform vs. Trump


Alexander Hamiltonby Marion Marks

Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 23 that the first of the “principal” constitutional obligations of the federal government is to provide for the “common defense” of the United States, and President George Washington wisely reminded us that “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

In the face of these threats, the first order of business for a Republican president and Congress will be to restore our nation’s military might. Republicans continue to support American military superiority which has been the cornerstone of a strategy that seeks to deter aggression or defeat those who threaten our vital national security interests.

The 2016 GOP Platform looks like a very reasonable document, by words alone. Yet the art of word-smithing is also the art of working through divisive politics that has become the new identity of Trump reality television. Trump supporters mouth the evils of Hillary and Bill Clinton, but in practice, all we know of Donald J. Trump still resembles closely the Democratic platform and a far more liberal history than his supporters want to believe.


Make us Great Again!is a great catch phrase and markets well [Last used by Reagan in 1980!], but the reality of Donald J. Trump and the Republican “string pullers” is also far more Read more


GOP 2016: Make America Hate Again

Cleveland Today...
Cleveland Today…

by Marion Marks

The mantra or clamor from the Donald Trump Convention seems to be calling voters to demand the country to bring back a spirit of the way things were when “times were better in our country.” The state of America today is definitely not what the Republican Party of Donald J Trump wants voters to believe has any values worth emulating. Clearly, according to Trump faithful, the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton America that followed the George W. Bush presidency must have dropped over a cliff in a different universe from what most of us remember in 2008.

And, we have learned this week from the Cleveland 2016 GOP Convention that the art of divisive politics has taken a new identity that closely resembles reality television. Everything that came out of Trump supporters’ mouths was that Hillary and Bill Clinton set a new standard for evil and divisive politics and a world order that is un-American. Not only could nothing positive have come out of the Clintons, but all they did, along with President Obama, was to allow foreign devils to take away jobs, rights, and possessions of loyal American citizens.

Aliens have come across our borders and destroyed our economy, ruined our Read more


Zika Virus Dangers in Shreveport


This 2006 photo provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a female Aedes aegypti mosquito in the process of acquiring a blood meal from a human host. On Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, U.S. health officials are telling pregnant women to avoid travel to Latin America and Caribbean countries with outbreaks of a tropical illness linked to birth defects. The Zika virus is spread through mosquito bites from Aedes aegypti and causes only a mild illness in most people. But there’s been mounting evidence linking the virus to a surge of a rare birth defect in Brazil. (James Gathany/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via AP)

by William B. Wiener, Jr.

For all inhabitants of Shreveport, the City Council, and Mayor Tyler, the issues of the Zika virus will reach critical mass if we fail to understand the potential dangers and begin to address them properly. We must remember that in 1873 Shreveport was devastated by the Yellow Fever epidemic which killed one-fourth of Shreveport’s population.

Yellow fever is initially spread by mosquitoes, then human to human, and Yellow Fever is active today and potentially spreading Read more


Protecting and Defending Should be more than Rhetoric

Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen

by Marion Marks

Omar Mateen was never classified prior to Saturday evening with specific “terrorist” traits or organizations at the time he walked into the club immediately before he started pulling the triggers because his profile and available documented work records, fell into many groups, most containing only degrees of “Red Flags!” But, in as much as America is under attack from many enemies, it seems to be common sense that we all failed to properly diagnose the apparent problems. For those failures we must regroup and make certain the same mistakes don’t happen again.

10_04_Visualize_2As night follow day, we seem to repeat the same tragic logic, refighting battles over Second Amendment rights and who can purchase and carry what and where. Getting beyond the same critical rights discussions must become our first mission if we expect to change history and Read more


Lessons Muhammad Ali Taught We Should Learn about Donald Trump


imageby Marion Marks

The lesson Muhammad Ali teaches us about Donald Trump is appreciating the most fantastical American figure of his age, a self-invented charismatic character who was consistently honest and insightful. The Ali image is appealing in both simplicity and depth as opposed to the Trump contrived reality-show star shell. Ali, born Cassius Clay in Jim Crow-era Louisville, Kentucky, was a mere skinny, quick-witted kid, whose self-supporting parents were a simple sign painter and a house cleaning maid. Ali only took up boxing at the age of twelve to avenge the indignity he suffered from a bully who stole his most prized possession, a shinny red bicycle.image

Ali created his amazing persona, many considered the most famous person in the world, a supreme athlete who became vindicated by the Supreme Court, an artist or wordsmith whose blend of pugilistic force, improvisational wit, ballerina balance and a jet-engine blasts mastered Read more


Donald Trump Twilight Zone – Credibility Gap Harms “GOP CRED”


credibility gap Nixon-AgnewThe 1960’s White House Press corps frustration with press releases, basically intentional lies told to the press, was a foundation for the acceptable but not-so-inside term that became a fad board game called “Credibility Gap.” Younger journalists sought evidence, often “leaks”, supportive of contentions that the administration was lying about activities not authorized by congress. All too regularly, the evidence turned up.

In December 1962, at the annual meeting of the U.S. Inter-American Council, Senator Kenneth B. Keating (R-N.Y.) praised President John F. Kennedy’s prompt action in the Cuban Missile Crisis. But he said there was an urgent need for the United States to plug what he termed the “Credibility Gap” in U.S. policy on Cuba.

What was called a Credibility Gap has turned into a modern-day Credibility Challenge, and the acceptability of press releases becomes a daily fact check by the media, bloggers and political operatives, often intent upon using the slightest factual inconsistency as the edge of a wedge to cry liar. “Gotcha” moments begin as slips in fact checking, the slight exaggeration of basically correct information or outright intentional lies. The power of facts is in the ability to bludgeon opponents with inaccurate use of basic truths by finding flaws in logic or having a spokesperson whose credibility has previously been proven Read more