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Freedom Requires Commitment to the Land


April 2010 will forever live in the memory of citizens who live with the scars of the oil on our lives. Freedom demands that we protect our environment so that future generations may experience some of the pleasure we derived in our youth.

Never Forget!

The BP oil spill that occurred along the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 led to a number of official claims which were due to be settled but could not be resolved because of some complications. However, this obstacle was overcome on Friday when the Congress of the United States authorized a plan to disburse the billions of dollars the government is expected to accumulate.

The BP oil spill, which occurred in April of 2010 due to a blast at the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform, was one of the biggest oil spills in the history of the U.S. According to some analysts, £38.2 billion or $60 billion may be the cost the British oil company has to pay has as fines for the spill, which is also responsible for killing 11 workers.

Overview of the Act

American President, Barack Obama, is predicted to authorize his signature on the plan, which will direct almost 80 percent of the penalties Read more


Here, There & Everywhere – Jindal in West Virginia

Jindal Finds his Beat!

Like the old Beatles song, he’s “Here, There & Everywhere…” But he’s looking out for #1 (as if we don’t know who that is.)

Appearing at what seems to be a fund raiser for the Governor (LOL), the national press is viewing with amusement the charade of the expectant bride’s maids or beauty contestants for the GOP VP spot. After all, what else is there to focus attention between now and the convention?

Jindal’s comparisons of West Virginia and Louisiana as the persecuted states of Read more


BP Settlement: $14.4 Million to Provide Mental Health Services


Mental heath issues will plague Louisiana citizens as a result of the BP disaster for years to come. The need for monitoring and providing mental health services is a basic requirement for any settle with those responsible for the  damage. LSU Health Sciences Center of New Orleans has been provisionally awarded a $14.4 million grant over five years from the $36 million in total funding through the BP Oil Spill Settlement Agreement to fund mental and behavioral health treatment and longer-term supportive services to people and communities affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Dr. Howard Osofsky, Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry, and Dr. Joy Osofsky, Professor and Head of the Division of Pediatric Mental Health at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, are the project leaders of the Mental and Behavioral Health Capacity Project in Louisiana.

LSU Health Science Center New Orleans

The mental health project is one of the four projects that make up the Gulf Region Health Outreach Program developed by BP and counsel representing certain plaintiffs in the Deepwater Horizon litigation in the US District Court in New Orleans. Supervised by the court, the program Read more


2-Years Post BP Disaster: Warning signs are accumulating


( – The Gulf of Mexico may be open for business and eager to attract tourists, but it’s still unclear whether or not marine and coastal ecosystems there are healthy two years after BP’s offshore drilling rig exploded 40 miles off the Louisiana coast, eventually releasing 205.8 million gallons of oil into the water column.

Five months after the April 2010 disaster the Obama administration released a detailed recovery plan, calling for spending up to $21 billion—most which would come from BP’s civil penalties—on clean-up Read more


BP Gulf Spill Settlement In DOUBT


Mississippi Attorney General Fights Acceptance

BP (British Petroleum for those who spent the last 2+ years under a rock) multibillion-dollar deal to settle private economic damage claims from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill should let victims who agreed not to sue in exchange for early payments participate in the new settlement, according to Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood in a court filing.

Hood seeks to void hundreds of millions of dollars in so- called quick-pay settlements given to spill victims. Individuals received $5,000 and businesses got $25,000 through the quick-pay claim system, regardless of the magnitude of damages they suffered from more than 4.1 million barrels of oil that spewed from BP’s well off the Louisiana coast in 2010.

BP should “nullify the illegal, illegally-obtained and unconscionable” releases Read more


BP – 2nd Anniversary Week ;-(


11 Dead – 87 Days to Cap BP Disaster

The second anniversary of the BP disaster is this week, April 20th. Not one person, corporation, government entity or business along the gulf coast has been spared the harm this man-made disaster has wrought. And the damage is only accumulating with no light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

Amy Wold, staff reporter for the Baton Rouge Advocate, released today an in-depth analysis (Article HERE) of the effect this disaster has proven to the gulf coast economy and environment to date. The essence of this article and scientific study is that it would be a gross injustice to say either:

  1.  We know the extent of the damage from BP disaster.
  2. The losses to the environment can be measured in monetary terms.
  3. The economic impact of BP has limited reach.
Cat Island at the time of the 2010 disaster

We have learned many things, but at what cost to our culture, the environment and those directly affected? Any effort by BP, Read more


Understanding Natural Tendencies in Politics


Louisiana celebrates the Democratic Process of the Presidential Primary today, yet troubling issues fester on the horizon. We may be following natural tendencies as organizations adopt the expected stances addressing major environmental issues related to news of the day. Oil company public relations spokesmen have turned up the rhetoric addressing the lawsuits filed comparing them to “legal sludge  choking their business.” And, BP is questioning the scientific findings from thirty-two dolphins caught in August in Louisiana’s heavily oiled Barataria Bay that were found to suffer from a range of symptoms including anemia, low body weight, hormone deficiencies, liver disease, and lung problems.

Details of these expected positions is disclosed in press releases from the parties. And stories in the news substantiate these facts.

Louisiana oil companies decry ‘abusive’ rash of lawsuits, say industry hurting
Louisiana dolphins are ‘very sick;’ study of ‘unusual mortality event’ continues
NYT Blog Supports Sick Dolphin Facts
Miami Herald Report Dolphin Problems
Oil Exposure Symptoms – Huffington Post

Read more


Will Obama Cave to BP to Avoid Trial?

by Bruce Thompson

David Hammer and Rebecca Mowbray of the New Orleans Times-Picayune have done a great job of reporting the big-government (i.e., Democrat) side of settlement negotiations in advance of the February 27 trial regarding the Gulf oil spill.  They have also tried to present the BP side of the story, but given that Louisiana legitimately bore the brunt to the damages from the spill, one can forgive their residual sense of hurt from BP’s actions. So let us try to effect a countervailing (probably biased) view to further narrow the field.

Why might I be considered biased?  Because I admit that I think the Obama administration is largely responsible for the dysfunctional nature of the well-containment efforts Read more


BP’s “Hidden Victims” Around the World and in Louisiana


Greater New Orleans, Inc.,
outline of the effect of last year’s drilling permit moratorium

by Alex Woodward

In his January State of the Union address, President Barack Obama told Americans that his administration is going “all out” to beef up domestic energy production. Obama also announced his commitment to justice in making BP accountable for the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and months-long oil gusher into the Gulf of Mexico.

Deepwater Horizon rig Burns

The administration’s moratorium on deepwater drilling, which went in place in the days following the explosion, ended in October 2010. During those six months, the government approved Read more


BP Oil STILL Shows Up on Louisiana’s Coastline

Reported by: John Snell, Anchor

East Grand Terre Island, LA– Like large clumps of asphalt, hardened oil clings to the beachfront on this Louisiana barrier island.

“It’s pretty tough, it’s pretty weathered,” said P.J. Hahn, the Plaquemines Parish Coastal Zone Management Director.

“To be able to come out here and use any kind of chemicals or dispersant to break this up would be pretty tough.”

These leftovers from the BP oil disaster Read more