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It’s All In The Family In Bossier

by John Settle
In Bossier they play for KEEPS!

Elected officials from Bossier Parish have always had a laissez-faire attitude toward conflicts of interest, nepotism, and brother-in-law dealings.  Often referred to as the free state of Bossier, the parish and city governments operate like a magic kingdom in a child’s fairytale, –where good wins out over evil, and everything always ends happily ever after.
    The Bossier City Council and its mayor allow the City to be run by its part-time city attorney, who also has a substantial private practice of law.  The Parish, up until 2010, had an administrator who also served as one of its twelve police jurors.  And the two at large Bossier City Council districts push the constitutional limits of fair representation, effectively giving North Bossier three of the seven council votes.
Bossier’s tax base wealth is the result of geography –not astute political planning.  The meandering channel of the Red River has Read more


Bossier School Board violates law pushing bond


My Jan. 27 column entitled “Bossier Parish School Board and Property Taxes” questioned the Bossier Parish School Board’s two new 10-year tax millages that will be on the April 21 ballot, citing both demographic studies by Elliott Stonecipher and the alternative BEEF proposal by Bossier columnist Marty Carlson as two of the reasons for close study by Bossier voters.

The school board has issued a barrage of releases favoring the proposal, and the media blitz has now crossed over into efforts that violate the Louisiana Constitution. Perhaps not coincidentally, the BPSB Central Office has pumped up its internal P.R. machine by the recent hiring of former KTBS Channel 3’s Sonja Bailes. Seemingly, a good education system now needs more than word of mouth and Chamber of Commerce cheerleaders to get the word out how great the Bossier public education is, or at least perceived to be.

The official Web site of the Bossier Parish School Board, along with the Web sites of most Bossier Parish schools, has a lead article, “Grow with us.” This column exhorts its readers to “Grow with us. Evolve with us. Invest in us.” And in a plain-talking approach, the column urges readers to “Pledge your support for Bossier schools by not only voting “yes” Read more





It is no longer a secret in Shreveport and the rest of Caddo Parish that our taxes – particularly property taxes levied on homeowners – are far, far higher than elsewhere in Louisiana.

As painful as this wound inflicted by Shreveport and Caddo public officials is in general, truckloads of salt are poured into it by our friends across the Red River:  do politicians there really have to charge such relatively lower taxes?!  After all, how can they possibly get by on such paltry confiscations as these:

… Bossier City municipal property taxes totaling 21.69-mills compared to a +105.3% higher 44.54-mills in Shreveport;

… a Bossier Parish public school property tax millage of 52.25-mills compared to a +49.6% higher 78.20-mills by the Read more