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Jindal AND McAllister Make WaPo List of Louisiana Malefactors


by Elliott Stonecipher

Washington Post-McAllister-JindalIt now seems Congressman Vance McAllister will not resign, and may well run for re-election.  Revelations of notable details of his marital infidelity are likely behind us, but running late is confirmation of who, precisely, executed the political hit and how they did it.  Meanwhile, Republican Party bossmen piously decry All Things McAllister as if none of the rest of us know they are, one way or the other, tied to that hit team’s most likely principal, Governor Bobby Jindal.

Democrats, of course, are atwitter.  Their idea of pumped-up statewide turnout in the November 4th election gains credibility as they are handed the unexpected gift of a now-assumed wide-open, high interest 5th Congressional District race.  While district demographics do not suggest they will actually win this seat, the re-election chances of U. S. Senator Mary Landrieu are boosted in the same way as by Edwin Edwards’ entry into the 6th District Congressional race, and possible like ops in the 4th Congressional and 5th Public Service Commission districts.

In the club!
In the club!

McAllister, now a full-fledged member of America’s political club no pol seeks to join, has Read more


Oh ye of little faith


The Christian right’s strange worship of big government

by Robert Mann

Bible_VotesThere’s a doctrine that many religious conservatives have embraced for decades, perhaps best articulated by their political saint, Ronald Reagan: “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Reagan’s words from his first inaugural in 1981 inspired more than three decades of small-government activism. The idea, in its simplest form, is that reducing the size and scope government – such as slashing taxes on the rich and cutting assistance for the poor – will prompt freedom and prosperity to bloom like azaleas in April. Conservatives also fondly quote an aphorism attributed to Henry David Thoreau, “The best government is that which governs least.”

We have the power!

But here’s the secret some religious conservatives hope you won’t learn: Big-brother government has become their new political faith and the enforcer of their religious beliefs, especially regarding personal, usually private, behavior.

Once, they regarded big government as the problem. Now, they demand massive Read more


What is an “Unforeseen Circumstance”?


Shreveport sunshine_DEMAND(sm)Attempting to Close Open Government

by Marion Marks

“Because of unforeseen circumstances, this program has been cancelled. Shreve Memorial Library and its branches apology for any inconvenience.” The “Wanted Open Government” forum was Cancelled for Wednesday, March 19 at CoHabitat. And the culprits for this appear to be the very reason that an Open Government Forum MUST exist.

Several Shreve Memorial Library Board members, Caddo Commissioners, and other politicians and wanna-be heavy weights coerced the library to cancel the forum with allegations such as the panel was not more than “radical critics of government” or the panel is “only white men (except the Times reporter.)” The pressure worked and original forum was cancelled.

However, a NEW Forum and panel – expanded with more diversity and hopefully more reason to demand open government has arisen from the ashes. Wednesday, March 19, 6:00 a RALLY will occur in from of the CoHabitat facility on the Riverfront 500 Clyde Fant Parkway, #200. and at 7:00 the panel will be open to the public AT NO CHARGE!

Caddo Commissioner Epperson
Caddo Commissioner Epperson

More details about the program will be released in the morning. However

Read more


Hardball Politics or Sending a Message


Gangsterism Enforcerby Marion Marks

Shreveport/Caddo Parish is known by outsiders for cut-throat, often vicious dealings with anyone who fails to follow the rules of the “Power Brokers.” The Jim Leslie murder in Baton Rouge still resonates with many. Quite often it’s related as “You only get warned once.” Edgar G. Robinson obviously taught some good lessons.

Today’s Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) struggle to find new leadership has taken lessons from gangster profiles, and Caddo Commissioner John Escude must be trying to impress others that he really means business if you don’t “toe the line” he expects.

Email attributed to John Escude:

Don't mess with me...
Don’t mess with me…

From: John Escude <>

To: bowmanservesus <>; dcox <>; Douglawyer <>; Read more


Jim Leslie & George D’Artois Story Revisited


Jerry Joiner’s New Book

by Elliott Stonecipher

George D'Artois_Interview
George D’Artois

I thank KTBS Television in Shreveport for their news story, broadcast last night, about a book by former Shreveport Police Department officer, Jere Joiner, now retired and living out-of-state.  The book’s title is “Badge of Dishonor.”

Here is the link to the KTBS story.

George D'Artois_Church
Manufactured “Riots”

As some of you will remember, I wrote an article on this subject in 2012, which the author has included in his book.  Given my involvement in certain parts of this compelling Shreveport history, as well as that of my two brothers then reporting for the Shreveport Journal, this subject is in many ways very personal.  More broadly, I believe the story recounted first-person by Jere Joiner helps to explain the genesis of the Shreveport community’s dual demons, racial division and public corruption.  That Shreveport is thus challenged Read more


Badge of Dishonor: George D’Artois


Alleged Murder Plot & Jim Leslie’s Life

George D'Artois arrested
George D’Artois arrested

The reign of Commissioner of Public Safety, George D’Artois, from the 1950’s thru the 70’s is a thread of Louisiana and Shreveport history worthy of study and introspection. If we never learn from this history, we will repeat it in various forms now and in the future. The Jere Joiner (NOT to be confused with Shreveport historian Gary Joiner) biography of his life in Shreveport law enforcement at this time, reveals the dark underside that we are ashamed to revisit. Yet lessons evaluated in light of errors made often allow us to change the pattern of our failure.

Thanks to Joiner, KTBS and those who knew the inside of this story, we may reevaluate the issues based on facts now coming to light. These words of KTBS must be studied, analyzed for content, and finally reviewed as new information is peeled Read more


International intrigue Comes to Louisiana


CIA contractor Computer Sciences Corp. picks location near Barksdale AFB

by tomaswell

The Jindal Grin

The photo in the Shreveport Times shows a grinning Gov. Bobby Jindal shaking hands with David Zolet, executive vice president and general manager of the North American Sector of Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) as the two jointly announced that the company plans to open a technology center at CSC’s national Cyber Research Park in Bossier City. (Times Story)

The company, partially owned by Lloyds Banking Group of London through its Scottish Windows funds, offers IT services, including cloud solutions, cyber security, technology consulting and, according to several sources, secret CIA flights for the purposes of interrogation and torture. (Guardian Story)

computer-sciences-corpCSC will be the anchor tenant of the research park and will partner with Louisiana Tech University to account for 1,600 new jobs over the next four years, thanks in part to $14 million in state funding over the next decade to expand higher education programs to increase the number of computer science graduates per year.

Louisiana Tech is scheduled to receive the bulk of the $14 million as Read more


Isn’t 10 percent 10 percent?


by tomaswell

10 = 10Did Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols violate state law when she approved an amendment to the Alvarez & Marsal (A&M)?

In May of 2011, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Fannin (R-Jonesboro) sharply criticized the Division of Administration (DOA) for DOA’s approval of a $6.8 million contract amendment for F.A. Richard and Associates (FARA), the firm that initially took over the operations of the Office of Risk Management.

Fannin and other members of the committee were upset that DOA did not seek approval of the contract amendment from the Joint Legislative Committee on the Budget (JLCB).

Whose ApprovalThings got tense as Fannin tore into Assistant Commissioner of Administration Steven Procopio. “All I’m seeing here is Read more


Simon Dumenco’s “Definery” Reimmangined


Dumenco's DefineryAs Dumenco wrote, “Confused by all the buzzwords floating around in the digital economy?” It’s the nature of the order of the digital world the box all terms and create order. And in creating the boxes perhaps chaos attains some ease in our dysfunctional digital world.

The “Media Guy” of AdAge recent  “Definery” added thoughts that may allow some “tongue-in-cheek” perspective to the less educated digiphiles among us. Or, at least, offer help in comprehending the fix many of us find ourselves when our communications go on deaf ears, if they travel at all from our computers.

His first term, adblock, becoming more and more doubtful that messages fail to make it through filters in people’s digital world, we continue our frustrated communications and can’t seem to get out of spam filters. Well, understand why your “kittens are being drowned,” and you may have some insight! Adblock — n. A service that kidnaps your kittens, puts them in a sack and then drowns them in the river — unless you pay Adblock to “whitelist” your kittens, in which case they will be allowed to live. Wait, did I say kittens? I meant your online ads.Drown Kitten

And then there is our working in the bigger world of “Big Data.”Well, obviously we just don’t understand the size of the ocean in which we swim. Better gain some understanding of how many others are out there beating on the same doors we are… “Big data — n. Data so big other data jogs around it to get exercise! Data so big it had to go to SeaWorld to get baptized! Data so big it puts its lipstick on with a paint-roller! Data so big …

Now I thought we understood Instagram, but obviously our comprehension Read more


A Poker Hand & the World in the Balance

McCain's poker game
McCain’s poker game

The US Senate hearing was at times heated, yet Senator John McCain passed the time by playing poker on his iPhone during the hearing. One might expect James Bond, 007, to casually play a hand of poker as the world’s fate hung in the balance in a Hollywood adaptation of Ian Fleming’s famous spy.

Yet, the US Senate seems to be a far more casual atmosphere as the use of chemical weapons, once considered an absolute war-starter, have become no more than a poker chip in the stakes that may determine the future of not only the Middle East but the entire planet. McCain, formerly Republican contender to be ruler of the western powers, is now quite hawkish in insisting that Syria has crossed the not-so-imaginary red line in choosing to gas its own people to the tune of 1,400+ confirmed deaths.

Bond considers the play...
Bond considers the play…

Yet the balance of senators and representatives in congress still weigh the Read more