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New Mayor, New mindset?

On the Skinny?

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover may live to see a 55th birthday. Pools existed on how much he weighed and whether or not he would walk again. Was the new elevator in government plaza capable of carrying his weight? Or, did they need a crane to move him out of the hospital. The very discussion was distasteful to anyone who felt compassion of any sort.

As a legislator who served with him in Baton Rouge told me, “never underestimate Cedric. He’s crazy like a fox.” Being optimistic, this may be like the near-death experience some write about. Coming out of surgery or a coma, the white lights are amazing. Some people change after these experiences. Some fall back into the pattern that was easy – the path of least resistance. It’s easy to not change and difficult to admit you had to make life changes.

It would have been easy write him off with derisive comments and stereotypical comments. We are better than this. Americans should pull for the underdog, even after he mistreated us.

In an optimistic projection and a wish for early New Year Resolutions, let’s Read more