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Board Member Can’t Bear the Public’s Gasps & Outcries. Pull the Partition!


by A Loyal Servant

I can’t bear the Public’s gasps and outcries of disbelief and disgust for my positions.  “We may need to pull the partition between the Board and the audience and let them watch us on TV monitors.” threatened Caddo Parish School Board member, Ginger Armstrong.

CPSB Meeting 7/19

If you have not been to a board meeting, please be aware that all board members and our attorney speak into microphones.  There is no mike in the audience.  Did you see the rowdy audience at the end that she was complaining about?

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Dr. Gerald Dawkins “Official” Travel Expenses in 2010-2011 School Year


Smelly Sox

The Schedule below is the information released thru a PAR (Public Access to Records) letter filed with Dr. Dawkins regarding travel expenses of 2010-2011. All who believe this is accurate for the trips reimbursed by CPSB please give yourselves a gold star and face the corner. More details to follow! (Related story Shreveport Times) Read more