Is a 2-story 90000′² Storage Facility Headed for Madison Park?


madison-park-site_plan_frontby John E. Settle, Jr.

The Shreveport Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission[Staff Report – Site Plan Supplied] will review an application by Ricky Lennard to build this massive facility that will, in effect, occupy the parking lot north of Marilyn’s Restaurant to the Madison Park Exxon station on Wednesday at 3pm. This facility will have 400 to 450 storage units that will be available for customers 7 days a week, and Lennard estimates that 30 customers a day will visit the facility. If constructed as planned, access to the Campbell’s Television Shop and the old El Chico’s may be limited to Greg Street.

madison-park-site_plan_overheadlimitedLennard has a high dollar option topurchase from Brookshires their old grocery story location which is now a training facility. The current zoning ordinance allows for a self storage facility in the existing Brookshires building for 20,000 square feet; the building actually has 23,420 square feet. The application is to expand this building by 66,554 square feet to create the storage facility on a 2.38 lot.

The site plans that hamadison-park-site_plan_sideve been circulated are preliminary; the MPC Executive Director has the final approval authority and what will actually be constructed if the variance is granted is really an unknown. However the footprint of the proposed structure can be gauged by the drawings—or put another way, how much of the parking lot that is will be consumed can be ascertained. No doubt that the large parties held on a regular basis at Marilyn’s Restaurant plus Mardi Gras parade activities will be substantially curtailed if not eliminated entirely.