Caddo Commission – Aim Fire!


SWAG-Caddo_Oarish_prisoner-barsby Marion Marks

Sometimes I allow my impulsive nature to get the better of me, I can be my own worst enemy. But this morning, I counted to one hundred several times, called and touched base with two attorneys I feel have conservative-response tendencies before penned an email to the Shreveport Times, again, regarding an article I wrote last Friday.

As I read the transcript of the Michael Williams case, I recited the mantra of patience and inner peace so many times that I was forced at the end to go for a walk to keep from blowing a gasket. The acronym YCMTSU [You Can’t Make This “Stuff” Up] was boiling over in my conscience effort to remain calm. The steady and even demeanor of the Caddo Parish representatives in the courtroom through the interrogation during the sentencing phase must have been medically induced or simply those present were under strict muzzled orders.

Caddo Parish-hope-in-our-handsThere can be no valid excuse I would rationalize for a steward of the parish, particularly a highly-paid professional, to sit through this barrage of questions and jabs without showing some defense for citizens and particularlytaxpayer monies. Every opportunity to defend the citizens by the parish representatives, administration and legal, demonstrates to my novice non-lawyer senses, GROSS NEGLECT.

My followup email, after the Friday email and article was:

“Just wondering if I missed the mark terribly or this is too close to Gannett or the Times to respond. The Caddo Commission administration was certainly taken to task, and has had more than two weeks to respond tho these issues. My questions to the press are essentially, what does it take for an internal investigation to demand change and accountability? [Original article]

Woody Wilson, Caddo Administrator
Woody Wilson, Caddo Administrator

I understand that Dr. Wilson wrote a character witness letter on behalf of former commissioner Williams. Was this in his capacity as a private citizen or as the administrator of the parish? If the second year the SWAG Nation program was funded out of discretionary monies of Dr. Wilson rather than voted by the Commission, what does this say about his responsibility of being the steward of the taxpayer’s monies? 

Do we have no one in the Caddo Commission administration watching out for the citizens? I have readers suggesting that there was some issue that Williams was holding over Wilson’s head that was essentially keeping the matter hushed use – where is the oversight? 

In closing, I can only hope that someone asks better questions than I have, because “all quiet means no one is openly investigating the real crimes!”

Marion K. Marks 
MMCC Forensic, LLC”

I can only hope there will be some level of righteous indignation demonstrated at the next meeting, as well as some behind-the-scenes work that will result in answers citizens have deserved for too long. It’s easy to see the unease some have shown over other litigation, but now one commissioner will be spending time in jail. The administration must step up and explain to the public how they allowed this crime to magnify and explode without stepping up and crying STOP. 

Dandy Don Sings...
Dandy Don Sings…

I can remember many nights at the end of professional football games we would hear one of the commentators begin singing, “Turn out the lights…” Well this party needs to be called because the fat lady needs to sing. Who accepts Responsibility? Accountability? Who approves discretionary money of this nature without oversight?