Abnormal Behavior and the Absurdity of Candidate Trump


by Marion Marks

When another makes the case so clearly that there is little more to say, I add only a request that others watch this moving video and listen carefully to the message. The Cruel, Crude and Absurd language that came from Trump finalizes the decision Republicans must heed and cut their losses. Republican candidates must separate from the damage Donald Trump has brought not just upon the party but upon the nation. The rate at which he is spiraling into meaningless oblivion is mind boggling.

Ezra Klein makes it clear that the systematic analysis of this one candidate and his campaign has broken bonds many voters have with their party allegiances. The GOP I knew and respected cannot tolerate this David Duke-like hideous calamity.Trump-I've sacrificed

“It isn’t how you and I would act!” … “Mitt Romney … John McCain never would have said this.” …  

“Trump could not restrain himself, he made this a national issue. And, so now he hastaken the most powerful part of the Democratic Convention and made sure that it will live for days at the top of the headlines. Imagine having a president who can be baited this easily, who has so little control over his own emotions, so little discipline. Donald Trump in the Oval Office would be a vulnerability, He would be a national security risk, because he can be so easily baited. It’s emotionally immature, but it’s also … I keep not wanting to lose sight of this, it’s cruel. What he’s done here, it’s cruel. I don’t want to stop noticing that. I don’t think we should have a cruel man in the White House. This isn’t even the kind of person I want to be neighbors with.”

WP on Trump-Khan FamilyIt’s really quite clear.

Trump is unfit to be the nation’s commander in chief.