Trump’s Unkindest Cut of All


imageby Marion Marks

Forget your Shakespeare. Khizr Khan delivered the most powerful endorsement of Hillary Clinton, while damning Donald Trump with factual criticism more pointed than all who spoke at the Democratic National Convention. The father of a Muslim US solider who was slain in 2004 while serving in Afghanistan called out Trump for his lack of evidence compassion or empathy. But the resonance of his words have magnified as Trump challenged the parents and wrongfully called out the mother as unable to speak or communicate her grief. And from this, both parents have spoken volumes.

imageOn the Sunday talk circuit,  Khan elaborated. “He talks about excluding people, disrespecting judges, the entire judicial system, immigrants, Muslim immigrants. These are divisive rhetoric that aretotally against the basic constitutional principles,” he said.

He also said Trump lacks key traits that presidents need.

“Two things are absolutely necessary in any leader or any person who aspires, wishes, to be a leader. That is moral compass and second is empathy,” Khan said.

Clearly, Trump has found voices that may resonate with other voters who feel he has cornered the racist and bigoted voters while alienating more diverse segments of the electorate.

Moral Compass-DecisionsMost Republicans will write this off without a thought, much less read it, because the Khans are Muslim. But the concept cuts across religious barriers and should resonate with all. Lacking a moral compass is what the accusation amounts to in raw language. This conversation must continue and gain traction.

More later…