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By creating senior lifestyle communities that radiate love, inspiration, compassion and joy, our residents lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives than most other residential communities in South Texas and there are some also other options for senior living in cities as New Jersey, you can find at sites such as You can check out other nearer options as well.

Wondering about the potential health and fitness benefits of Pahoa’s community? We’ve rounded up 25 ways seniors can make their homes stronger. Learn how you can take a peek at this ‘hood in a new web video:

‘Hommage’ to Hawaii: The Pahoa Civic Center

On the Oahu side of the island, you’ll find a residential community at the epicenter of an active and urban lifestyle. Among the many reasons to call Oahu home is its heritage, culture and welcoming demeanor. Come for the pastime of fishing and snorkeling in Haleakala National Park or stay and experience the culture of a tropical paradise for a lifetime.

How can you live in paradise on the edge of the ocean? Fill out the application to help plan your future in paradise on the edge of the ocean!

The Pahoa Civic Center community was built in 1983 to be more than just a place to live. You’ll be immersed in an abundance of activity from outdoor entertainment to beach activities to daily programming. From outdoor concerts to drum circles to art programs, it’s all here.

Here’s a peek at how Pahoa’s civic center has changed over the years:

(Photo Courtesy of Arie Minter)

Looking at it from the view from the island, you’ll see that our entrance to the Civic Center is from a pedestrian bridge. Pahoa’s Civic Center is also conveniently located for all the amenities we love here on the island:

Downtown Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center

Kakaako Park

Fogo Island’s Pahoa Bay

Aki Waikiki

Riverside Park

These historic gems are just a few of the sights you’ll experience along the ‘hood’s rivers, streets and waterways. When we think about waterfront in Hawaii, there’s no doubt that we’re referring to one of the island’s first parks, Hawaii Kaihonorary motto, “A well-known city within the city.”

From the beaches and parks to public art and cultural venues, Arie Minter’s Cultural Commons inspires all kinds of activity in Pahoa’s Parks and Civic Center.


If you’re looking to let off some steam, this is the place to find it. You’ll enjoy indulging in the arts and entertainment options that are right here in Pahoa’s Community. Whether it’s at a screening of your favorite movie, host a cooking class or class a group of friends, you’ll enjoy and revel in the cultural diversity we have here in Pahoa.

Leisure Activity Center

Pahoa’s Leisure Activity Center provides a comfortable indoor playground for kids and adults alike. Like a giant playground, the activity center has everything that you need to enjoy an active day:

Action parks

Kid-friendly activities

Relaxation space

Free Wi-Fi

Rock climbing wall

Areas that host food & beverage special events

Cultural venues, too

Paddle boats & camping rentals are available. Don’t forget to check out the convenience center that contains all your water, food and utilities.