GOP 2016: Make America Hate Again

Cleveland Today...
Cleveland Today…

by Marion Marks

The mantra or clamor from the Donald Trump Convention seems to be calling voters to demand the country to bring back a spirit of the way things were when “times were better in our country.” The state of America today is definitely not what the Republican Party of Donald J Trump wants voters to believe has any values worth emulating. Clearly, according to Trump faithful, the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton America that followed the George W. Bush presidency must have dropped over a cliff in a different universe from what most of us remember in 2008.

And, we have learned this week from the Cleveland 2016 GOP Convention that the art of divisive politics has taken a new identity that closely resembles reality television. Everything that came out of Trump supporters’ mouths was that Hillary and Bill Clinton set a new standard for evil and divisive politics and a world order that is un-American. Not only could nothing positive have come out of the Clintons, but all they did, along with President Obama, was to allow foreign devils to take away jobs, rights, and possessions of loyal American citizens.

Aliens have come across our borders and destroyed our economy, ruined our educational system, destroyed healthcare, and broken up the nuclear family that attended church each week and placed pornography before all of our children. I can’t seem to get the chronology straight, but this is about what happened, and Trump will proceed to explain how he is going to “Make us Great Again!”TRUMP-make-america-hate-again

Unfortunately all I heard when I could bear to listen to the words that came from speakers each evening was that “Hate” is the operative word that will drive voters to the polls to vote against Hillary and for Trump, as he knows we will “Get tired of winning, because he’s going to make us win so much.”

Borrowing from attorney Tom Arceneaux’s letter in the Shreveport Times recently, “I have never felt so dismayed over the attitudes of my fellow citizens, and their willingness to vilify each other individually and as people or interest groups rather than understand each other. Let me say it plainly: everyone who does not share my views is not stupid, corrupt, or ignorant.

The ease with which anger and hate are unleashed is like simple words that flow off the tongue as “please” and “thank you.” Vilifying the other party or candidates is the only way some people feel they can make voters go to the polls and vote. And, if that’s what it takes, why not pile on even more, because if a five-pound sledge hammer will pulverize the opponent, why not make a spectacle of blowing them to smithereens with a wrecking ball or an atomic bomb.

Trump is a master at drawing an audience to watch his reality television series, but running a government or managing world affairs is not like a movie or a concert where you set the stage, adjust the lighting and music, and bring on the star attraction. The Apprentice and The Voice make for good audience participation, but not “Who Wants to Blow Up A Country?

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Mirror, mirror on the wall…

If voters will change gears long enough to take the campaign seriously, as I believe will happen as we get closer to November, we might see some serious debates and some issues of the country addressed by the media. But, when we get past the foolishness of “Whose spouse will make a better international impression?” being a beauty contest, we might actually take the campaign for what it really is about.

Leaving Cleveland and going to Philadelphia, all I see is the negativity battle that is currently being won by the Trump Party. I can only hope that a more positive tone comes out of the Democrats and that real issues are addressed that will affect the lives of all citizens. The “Make America Hate Again” campaign certainly is not reassuring for the future of the Republican Party or the country.