Analyzing GOP’s High-Stakes Gamble on Donald Trump

Ultimate Fighter!

by Marion Marks

The great attraction Donald Trump followers appreciate is the ease with which he rolls off seemingly sophisticated denunciations of groups, federal programs or movements that many voters believe are ripe with bureaucratic waste. If the hate-filled vitriol weren’t so well received by an audience eager to denounce what they perceive as dirty politicians and non-deserving government benefit recipients. Who hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, denouncing the “Welfare Cheat”? Voters feel governmental institutions need streamlining and purging across the board. Pointing out dangers of the rabid dog running the streets gets universal approval.

OFF With her head!

The Trump call for fixing the system fits the pattern of the outside party rallying cry, but the solutions he suggests are like the Red Queen calling to Alice, “Off with their heads!” Everyone cheers, but no one wants to be on the chopping block.

The words “Working Solutions” just don’t exist in the Trump campaign plan, and every case where Trump is questioned is met with You’re going to love the way I do that! The solutions will be fantastical! There’s going to be so much success you may get tired of it.

The candidate who evades accountability is the candidate who cannot be called for missing parts of the solution even if he gets minor issues resolved. trumptiniMuch of the task of running a government with limited resources is rationing the services government provides to all the worthy or needy people and causes. Successful political salesmen get those left out to appreciate what little they still have.

Trump practices a form of “multiple-choice communication.” He addresses needs by giving many options as to what he might intend to do. Therefore he is never nailed down or held accountable for any given failure in his plan.

Five Years of Drought
Five Years of Drought

Trump claimed in California that, despite over five consecutive years of below average net rainfall, “There is no drought. They turn the water into the ocean. If I win, believe me, we’re going to start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive.” It seems that, with Trump logic, the net water in the rivers and streams actually does add up to the anticipated required water.

See Fish Die-No Water
See Fish Die-No Water

So what can he possibly mean by this claim? Go ahead and choose a realistic answer to this multiple-choice problem. Does Trump mean that:

  • There never was a drought! It was all a myth like global warming.
  • There was a drought, but it has ended naturally.
  • There was a drought, but somebody’s fixed it.
  • There is no drought, because what others call a “drought” is simply their inability to drain the Sacramento River Delta and use its water for farming.
  • There is drought, but as president of the United States, Trump can fix the California water policy. It’s really a simple engineering project to drain the Sacramento River Delta – better judgement by a president. Just tell people to change their whole life style and it’s really the same as there never was a drought if he says so.

Because Trump addresses the problem by convincing you he is far more brilliant than any scientist, all you have to do is believe him. Now, for attendees at Trump’s rally to go wild all you need to do is add a band, dancing girls, slot machines and bring in the magician. Tell people to choose an answer from the list, and if their choice doesn’t work, it was because they chose the wrong one.

There’s water here!

Very simply, Trump gets credit for solving the problem, and as long as some feel reassured by Trump’s words, “No drought.” California is left to solve their own issues, and if they fail, he can declare bankruptcy, sell it off at a loss or call them “just Mexicans who we will build a wall around.

Now wasn’t that easy! Just as Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake!” Trump will say. “Let them drink salt water!” After all, they were never going to vote for him anyway.

If the California citizens want to argue with Trump and litigate his solutions, he can claim that the judge is a “Mexican.” He can probably keep this argument up thru the end of his term – as a candidate of the previously, in a now forgotten era, Grand Old Party.