Dangerous Nuclear Weapons – Trump v. World


Atomic_bombing_of_Japanby Marion Marks

Marketing Donald Trump in today’s political climate is like marketing nuclear bombs to third world countries. The fear of what may happen if they get “the bomb” must be weighed against the rationalization of a greedy salesman who has a lengthy record of “What’s in it for me?”

Watching the Republican Party hierarchy step in line behind Trump closely resembles the tragic march many Louisiana Republicans took as they lined up behind David Duke in the 1991 governor’s race against Edwin Edwards. Political expediency bought their souls for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Fortunately the white establishment Republican vote was crushed by a coalition who found a common voice in “Vote for the Crook”.Duke Edwards-campaign

It would be easy to write it off as just politics, but Louisiana remains is the laughing stock of the nation for the ease with which we elect and promote buffoons who are later revealed for the clowns they always were. Records prove still-sitting senator David Vitter as a diaper-wearing prostitute-user and abuser of office. The FBI office is New Orleans maintains a “robust” political criminal investigation task force, as the indictments and prosecutions appear never ending. North Louisiana is having a difficult time just getting the proverbial ball rolling.Vitter's Brighter Tomorrow

But deeper roots of evil and an examination of the intentions of those seeking our nation’s highest office require scrutiny and an actual examination of the records. So many have tried so very hard to climb the ladder to run for president and fallen by the wayside to those whose records are littered with failure after failure. The moral compass and the public wallet remain in a struggle, and voters will be sorely torn by powerful marketing messages from now until the election.

And soon-to-be-former President Obama is about to make another foreign tour that will be a portion of his legacy, we will find if the potion of porridge is poison to the country. As the last surviving veterans of World War II are passing and the passing of those first and last to experience the atomic weapon used in wartime, President Obama prepares to go to Hiroshima. Igniting a firestorm at home and abroad would be nothing new to Obama, but the ramifications are extensive.

pearl-harbor-the-gettysburg-times-1941Nations like Japan, in World War II, made clear their intention to destroy America and Americans in their attack on Pearl Harbor, and their country needed to be prepared to face appropriate consequences. Yes, civilians died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the United States gave greater priority to the lives and well-being of American citizens who were the victims of a warmongering people. It was more than just a rationalization for then Democrat President Truman to drop those bombs.

No apology to Japan” and “NO quarter given” was the clear American headline to the world. If it is necessary to make a choice between us or them, the collateral death of civilians became the sad but necessary evil then, as it probably would be today. Choosing the lesser of the two evils becomes necessary for leadership and a statement of national values. But playing on fears is the political leverage Trump is using with half truths and ignorance clouding the landscape.

The stakes on the political table are far greater to the nation and the world when those at the table prey on fear and ignorance. But at this stage in the game, five and a half months before V-Day, it becomes the voter’s responsibility to make greater clarity of the issues and try to see through the messages that the candidates and their teams are putting out. The spin of the news cycle must be slowed and those who are at the center must be made accountable for facts rather than spin.Obama on A Plan & Big Government

I would much rather Obama represent America in Japan today than Trump, because until he learns from seasoned advisors how to deal with nuclear-weapon powers, his tendency has been too often fashioned by reality TV. America may have been lucky, as many Republicans believe, in dodging more nuclear confrontations. But, we don’t need to test our arsenal or resolve in the manner Trump suggests or implies. Clinton, with all the flaws that have been dredged up since the Arkansas Governor’s wife and even before, does have a track record of successfully dealing with foreign entanglements. Sadly, these appear to be our choices.