BNA Forum – Corruption Questions

Thew forum representative speakers
The forum representative speakers

I was fortunate enough last night to observe the interaction of law enforcement, prosecutors, elected officials and average citizens during a public forum concerning the general topic of “Public Corruption.” Sadly, not a single member of what we normally refer to as “the mainstream media” was there to observe and report, much less record the event for general public review.

The interchange of ideas and thought was often heated and, at times, anger and frustration was evident in some of the words of citizens who posed questions. However, the demonstration of patience and respect for law and the rights of citizens who chose to step up for public office was commendable. The temperament of the country in frustration with the presidential election was evident behind some comments and aspersions.

But what came out of the forum can best be described as “some steam was released from the local pressure cooker” for some officials, while others appear to have added new fuel to the public clamor for justice. Locally, claims by many

concerning the Caddo Parish Commission CPERS benefits for elected Caddo Commissioners has been near the top of the meter for illegal activities that were sanctioned to benefit elected officials.
A heated exchange
A heated exchange


There is far more that needs discussion on the CPERA matter and the activities of other elected officials, much of which has been the topic of discussion in other writing in numerous media outlets. But for now, I believe it is important that more of the public should educate themselves about the matter and the discussion of those who investigate and prosecute these matters. If you want to get to the key elements of discussion, jump through the opening 25 minutes or so of this video. At that point on the discussion becomes very lively.

There will be more on the blog and elsewhere. Full video of May 10 at:

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