The Last GOP Hurrah

Islamic State Archaeological Sites Glance
ISIS destruction at Nimrud

by Marion Marks

Clearly Donald J. Trump has been taking lessons from the ISIS leadership as he plans to destroy the Grand Ole Party we call Republican. In much the same manner as ISIS has destroyed Nimrud, washing over two millennium of Persian history off the map, Trump seeks to wash the party leadership from the record. Threatening to take remove Paul Ryan as Chairman of the Nation Presidential Convention, because Ryan has questioned Trump, the apparent success of the convention is now in chaos.

Trump’s success has been based on his ability to cut one contender at a time from the presidential primary with sarcasm and ridicule of traits, physical and philosophical, alike. Starting with the evaporation of “Weak” Jeb Bush and ending with the melting of “Lying” Ted Cruz, Trump went to the lowest levels of one-liners that drew laughs as well as guffaws from Republicans, Independents and even Democrats.

Trump never missed an opportunity to destroy a person who stands in this way. Taunts and middle-school-like “He started it first!” flow naturally fromthe hate-filled gutter-toned taunts and threats.

gop-candidates-greenville-debate-SPLINTERSSplinter candidate issues would be expected from a small segment of voters, but Trump has harnessed the distrust and hate that a seeming majority of the voters have demonstrated for congress as well as the general tone of the country today. Additionally, lowest level of popularity or distrust shown for both party standard bearers has thrown a real curve in this year’s national election that could potentially point to major changes when January’s new congress is set to convene.

Sadly, it takes a great deal of intestinal fortitude to digest the bile and venom being thrown into a voter’s media spectrum at this time. And the gutters will probably continue to require flushing past the November vote as unequalled volumes of the continued fetid mess will probably roll into the public purview until then from the Trump machine.

Budweiser-America4But all may not be lost! Trump may steal the patriotic campaign from Budweiser, as Bud plans on replacing the product name with “America” on every bottle and can. Trump may start wearing a hat that has a Bud-type label and handing out cans or bottles of the new beer. Budweiser, which has dressed bottles in stars and stripes in previous summers, may be poised to make one of its biggest patriotic plays yet. So too, Trump may believe he can underwrite getting the entire voter population drunk between now and November and trick them into voting for him.

Seriously, how else can Trump or the Republicans make it any worse? Even as Trump has stated, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but… (it’s still Trump!)”

trump_hat_America4The divided Republican camp today seems to clearly state that there is fear and loathing in the very thought of having to defend Trump’s antics, as well as his words. The purple state Republicans are torn if they are up for reelection, perhaps with the thought of falling off the party “coat tails.” The Trump shadow may cast a very long dark and gloomy image for a formerly Great Ole Party. This may be the Last Hurrah!