Education is a RIGHT of All Citizens – Support the Bond Election –


by Willie Bradford, Shreveport City Councilman

Willie Bradford
Willie Bradford

The debate over the last 3 weeks in regards to education and the CPSB millage renewal have exposed us to who we really are. We’re several communities: rich and poor, black and white, rural and urban, those that understand the value of education, those that feel that some of our children (especially African Americans) are so wayward that they’re not worthy of educating. Educating them is a waste of taxpayers dollars. Nothing can be further from the Truth!! Education is a right not a Privilege. – Everybody is Education Worthy. – Anybody can Learn.

Anybody can!

So instead of being real about our true feeling, we’ve spend the last 3 weeks camouflaging them with gossip and rumors to justifyourselves. And by assigning superficial blame to whomever we can, in place of coming together and confronting what we believe to be the problems and challenges, – rather than focusing on what seems to be clear, viable solutions.

For those that truly believe that wasteful spending and corruption exist within the CPSB, why can’t we talk about this intelligently, and not air it out over Social Media.

Wayward_ChildrenWhat have been lost in all this, (and we should know it because some of us were once wayward children) is that if we nurture children, they grow into responsible adults. They want to get married and raise a family. They dream of being doctors, lawyers, airline pilots, professional athletes and all the other things all kids aspire to be.

It’s when their hopes and dreams fade hearing adults putting them down. And when their hopes and dreams fade in the absence of a good education and positive role models that darker influences fill the void.

What is the true value of a community that for selfish reasons would reduce school funding and not allow the children of this parish to receive the best education we can afford them?

We need to give all children hope by equipping them with the necessary tools to pursue their dreams. If the citizens of Caddo can mobilize its resources and ingenuity in a concerted effort to give all children a great education, we can break the cycles of poverty, broken families and crime in a generation.

A student displays a placard reads "A HaAlthough it would be a large undertaking, it would be cheaper in the long run than welfare, prisons and the like associated with young people who lost their dreams.