Right Sizing Government  –  Act III, Scene One [Bossier]


by Barry Butler

What do governments do when they have TOO MUCH money?  Hard to believe, but some parts of governments have excess funds.  It would be nice to know that our elected folks would move the excess funds to areas that need funds or even better reduce tax rates, but, no that’s not the case.  When government has too much money, they spend it on themselves.

You see, the Bossier Parish Library system has too much money so they are planning to build, for themselves, a new $20 Million Administration Complex.  (Bossier Parish Police Jury Minutes, February 3, 2016,pages 5 and 6)  Books-A-Living-HistoryThe New administration building that we, the taxpaye paid for and built in 1986, is no longer good enough.  It’s no longer good enough because the Library Fund has a surplus, a big surplus.

Here are the numbers according to the annual financial statements from Bossier Parish.  They are available on the Parish Website


Library Fund, Actual Excess (deficiency) of Revenues

2007, page 41 $1,584,076
2008, page 44 $1,104,119
2009, page 43 $1,538,404
2010, page 45 $1,784,431
2011, page 50 $1,786,108
2012, page 52 $1,616,812
2013, page 52 ($2,344,845)Koran Library
2014, page 54 $1,340,263

Actual Bossier Issue!
Actual Bossier Issue!

The total in Excess Revenues accumulated over the years leaves the Library Fund 2014, page 54, with $8,829,458.  Yes.  You have been over taxed to the tune of $8.8 Million.  

Here’s a novel idea,….  Let’s keep our taxes at the same rates level, but reduce the Library tax millage so the Excess is ZERO and move the tax millage to someplace that’s needed.  Let’s say,…  our ROADS and BRIDGES!!!!!!

It will take courage from our elected folks to actually Right Size Government, but it can be done.  Call or email your juror and ask her or him to work on it.  Remember they work for you and should represent you and your values.

Stay Conservative and Press Onward!