Right Sizing Government–Part Deux


RightsizingWorksby Barry Butler

We are all aware of the budget problems that our legislature are confronting in Baton Rouge. When you get a chance to talk with these legislators, they will tell you that they have very limited options to build a balanced budget or even better a rebalanced budget. Many program funds are protected and cannot be reduced. Funds cannot be moved to programs that need more funding, health and education, because of the limitations placed on them.

crossing the divide with moneySo, there is the problem. Politicians want you to focus on each individual fund, project, or program and not look at the budget as a whole complete plan. Your household budget is looked at as a whole budget, not as individual expenses.

Bossier and Caddo residents have a chance to Right Size Government. In the previous post, I pointed out that the Port at Caddo-Bossier was operating at a profit and has $17 Million in excess profits in savings and is asking you to renew it’s tax subsidy so it can continue to operate at a profit for another 25 years when there are serious needs in other areas where your current tax dollars are needed. Doesn’t Shreveport need more money to fund upgrades and repairs to the water and sewer systems? Let’s say no to the port and move those funds to the City. Bossier Parish sends 2.5 mils of tax subsidy every year to the port but only uses 2.01 mils of tax revenue for highway and road maintenance. Let’s cut the port funding and move the milage to highway and road maintenance and keep your taxes the same.

Yrightsizing-in-a-tubeou have an opportunity to send a message to your elected representative.
Let’s say NO to the Port renewal and yes to rebalancing the budget, moving your tax dollars to other areas and Right Sizing Government

Vote NO on the Port Renewal!