Donald J. Trump – the Slick Voodoo Hate Monger


Donald-Trump-Holds-Campaign-incitingby Marion Marks

Donald J. Trump continues to play the role of the authoritarian dictator demanding obedience rather than the ideologue who may lose the debate as he loudly demands that the public understand the complex principles of his argument. Trump is certainly no Barry Goldwater or George McGovern, whose complex principles drew crowds but lost voters who were unable to follow their logic to a winning conclusion.

trump-ohio-riotTrump is a slickly packaged ball of molten hate, a modern marketing technological time bomb morphing from reality TV and Home Shopping Network, breeding with extremes of greed who picks up allies from the uneducated who fail to fathom unsupportable economic theories. Trump is a slick voodoo hate monger who will destroy the Republican party.

This new glowing star of the Republican party is basically contriving a voodoo platform based on flat taxes and sales tax-type government revenue to maintain the social safety net with no downside pitfalls. If income above some fixed level remains exempt from taxes, there is no way Trump’s programs will cover the increasing government expense burden.chicagoriot-Drudge

Because Trump’s reality TV influenced campaign is deafeningly loud and his message is compelling to frustrated Republicans and others who have no viable candidate in the race, Trump garners support as he touches raw nerves of an angry and frustrated public, Trump captures the masses much the same way Huey Long captured Louisiana. However, Trump has not shown the softer side Long used to endear himself when he was public service commissioner in Louisiana. Trump’s party endorsements all come with strings and Republicans qualify candidates in term of what benefits they give the wealthy and corporate elite.

The recent rallies that featured demonstrations are only a symbol of the baiting that Trump is capable of luring supporters to perform acts of violence with hints or innuendoes of support for their actions. And when he offers to support the legal defense of those who commit violent acts, this is inciting riots from the stage. This is not American democracy in a proud hour.

Trump-Snake Voodoo Priest(sm)
Voodoo Snake-Handler Politics

Real grievances and real pain of citizens Trump paints with broad strokes that lack a practical foundation, particularly in a budget with real numbers. And, if Trump ever does deal with issues, as he is capable, it will be too painful for his influential supporters to accept.

Trump has captured a mob, and the mob wants their pound of flesh. Denying Trump the party nomination will be an ugly exercise that will probably be one that weakens or crushes the Republican’s general election chances, and leaves the Republican ticket in chaos.

Trump is transparently unfit to be president and must be exposed as even unqualified to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for president for any major party. Remember, in Trump’s prior life he was a Democrat many urged to run for office!

What Trump has proven is that our present cultural environment is fragile and it is possible to use technology and charm with lots of money and force of will to take control of a political party. What Trump has also proven is that greed and corruption remain as dangerous today as ever. Our American democracy may be the worse form of government in the world [except for all others], but it is always possible that unqualified candidates will work their way on to the ballot, and some do actually win.

Jindal with stupidAdditionally, Trump proves that even a good education can lead us down a false path; look at the worthlessness the Brown University degree was for Governor Jindal in Louisiana! There remains a hope that as we continue to struggle and shed light on those who manipulate the system, they will be exposed and voted down at the polls. With all the damage Trump may have done in the primary, the opportunity remains to fix the system and the party at the convention. In Louisiana we are still uncovering damages Bobby Jindal committed as governor, but there is hope that Louisiana can be made whole again.