When a ship is going down, what does the captain cry?


pick a deck chair-titanicby Marion Marks

Leaders and the major elected officials of the national Republican Party have begun to accept that the “Titanic of the 2016 presidential election” has left the port on the way to a November arrival. Yet the deck chairs continue to be rearranged, the tickets are being punched and the minor players are accepting their role. And as John Podhoretz, New York Post, admitted this morning, even adding the top two non-Trump candidates together, they still don’t beat Trump. The loser still are losers!

Some passengers have begun to look for the life rafts and other floatations devices, but they refuse to call out the unelectable Trump. The analogies of the playground bully are no longer funny. I see it simply as “Strength without a moral compass is no better than a rudderless Bismarck.”

Bismark Going Down!
Bismarck Going Down!

Now someone beyond a Ross Perot and the K Street establishment needs to step upand fix the broken part. Saying “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more!” played well in the movies, but it’s time to search for a viable option when the anger is real.

Going to a primary and saying “I’m not going to accept any of the other options” is no longer available as a means to elect TEA Party or other alternative candidate. Being against the Obama or Clinton administration needs more flesh on the bones that “Just say NO!”

People are looking for a disruption in the lines of the status quo and empty promises. But Trump has harnessed the real public anger. Trump has said clearly that the party has put out more than enough empty promises, (lies through they may be!), to get voters to take the first step to enact his concept of revolution. Citizens are scared at the eventual possibility of Trump getting access to the reins. But citizens are often more angry that the continuation of the status quo is an even worse option.

Titanic-deck-chair committeeHow does an anger, often described as a cancer, harness the voter to constructively address the needed changes? This is the question now for the Republican establishment to work to address. Hopes and dreams need something positive rather than the continued negative upsets.

The revolution is different, but the expectation to change is not beyond the reach to destroy all the good that has been created in spite of the failures. Finding a road to address some of the needed changes and allow people to find jobs in the new economy, to adjust to the global shifts that cannot be denied, these are issues that must be addressed before the anger destroys what is still good in the system.

Admitting that there is still reason for optimism is difficult for unemployed or middle class voters who have lost the position they worked so hard to attain. Without recognition of the problems, we cannot begin to address needed change.

So, now voters need to join an alternate revolution that can fix a few of the basic faults. Retired citizens need to accept that the old system is broken so badly that there will be some sacrifice, even they will find difficult. The world has changed, but the Trump anger has no real constructive platform to fix what is broken. “HUGE” change does not translate to a fixed system.

On Titanic DeckWhether it’s Kasich or Rubio or Cruz, the options at least have a framework for programs to construct rather than blow-up. Trump has provided the anger and entertainment, but the reality show approach just doesn’t work in real government. The Democrats figured this out it seems in moving away from Bernie, but the Republicans are still on a path of self destruction. Can Republican voters now wake from the nightmare they are living and make a better choice? And as Joe Scarborough said about his disbelief in bad Republican voter decisions, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”

By the way fellow Republicans and American patriots, your ship is taking on water. (FYI, those really are Democrats cheering for the Trump nomination on the deck of their Titanic!)