Thompson v. Stewart; Observations From Within the Bench and Bar

Casey Simpson Candidate for Caddo DA
Casey Simpson

by J. Casey Simpson, Esq.

Political media personalities of Shreveport are new to me, but I have had my experience with them since early summer. I am asking friends to do us all a solid favor, which is our civic duty – to examine candidates – and vote our heart and good common sense on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, OR Saturday November 21 at your regular polling place. No, your primary vote is not added onto the general election day ballots. Its two different elections, but same candidates – the two who got the most votes of the six who were originally in the campaign for D.A.

This newspaper article relies on Mr. Brad Whitesides, a liberal democrat, and that is lovely, but he was quoted as an unbiased expert. Also, Ms. Burris relies on Mr. Michael Walker, another local man who is employed by the Edwards for Governor campaign. Dhu_Thompson--James_StewartThis is deceptive of the author, Ms. Burris. I worked side-by-side Michael last fall for Landrieu. See, I am objective. I support the candidate who I feel is best. I am not a party hack who supports party for the sake of party politics.

The number one rule of professionally reporting data is that the source is unbiased UNLESS the reporter has an ulterior motive. Ms. Burris has an ulterior motive, and I alerted on that long ago right after our first forum reading the report, how it was worded to favor Stewart, and the pictures chosen for the article. Paper reporters shoot numerous photos, but only use ones that make their favorite candidate appear good, or positive, and the candidates they don’t like to appear silly or something negative – oldest, dumbest trick in the book, and folks still fall for it by electing media darlings. Ignore mainstream media.

Can you handle the TRUTH?
Can you handle the TRUTH?
  1. Mr. Whitesides hedges on accuracy. I know law, politics, and the D.A. office like the back of my hand, and he is wrong. Here is what will happen under the following hypotheticals;
  2. Mr. Thompson will correct the DA’s office handling of all matters from capital punishment to non-violent offenders and juveniles.
  3. Mr. Thompson will reform the DA’s office entirely. I have witness Mr. Thompson listen and learn from the public during forums and he has adapted his intentions to reform of Criminal Justice of Caddo Parish.
  4. Mr. Thompson will streamline bulk handling of non-violent offenders – local incarcerations – inmates awaiting disposition of their cases who are yet to be tried, or plead. This jams the docket, and he will fix this.
  5. Mr. Thompson will innovate and reform Juvenile Justice. He recently paid a visit to the Juvenile Justice Complex to talk with the Coordinator and kids in jail about how to reform Juvenile Justice in accordance with modern thought, research findings about adolescent behavior.
  6. Mr. Thompson will change how Domestic Violence matters are handled to provide for safe houses and direct assistance of the elected DA.

Because Mr. Thompson is open-minded and wants reform, he has listened, and learned, and he will change things.

Stewart Billboard up 8-12-2015Because J. Stewart, ret., has coasted on the appeals court he demonstrates an attitude of holier than thou. Little will change that is good. Mr. Stewart has been on the appeals court for years. Before that he was on the trial court bench. Before that he was employed by local government, the DA – always had a government job.

Appeals court judges do little. Two law clerks, recent law school graduates, do their work for them while they travel to conferences designed to make money for the producer of the conference, and which are always conducted in luxurious places in order to attract the judges. Its works. They go. Appeals court judges gain twenty pounds+ during their first term in office. They are paid around $125,000.00/year and the sum is constantly raised. He spent $50k on traveling in the last year, and you and I paid the bills.

Because Mr. Stewart is financed by Mr. Marshall Jones, Jr., Mr. Ron Miciotto, Mr. Craig Smith, to begin with, but including many other lawyers who seek by their support to preserve their career success by currying favor with a retired judge who will return to the bench if NOT elected – supporting him is win-win – its not because local lawyers and business folks believe he’s the better qualified, if they do they are seriously mislead, but simply because of self-centered career ($) preservation at the expense of the labor and poor..because of huge donations predicated on expecting huge returns, Mr. Stewart will be a disaster to Caddo Criminal Justice. Political piranhas are preying on labor and the poor. These lawyers will exercise their power from their offices in the criminal courts because they have bank rolled Stewart’s win, if he wins, but thank God he will not win because we will vote THOMPSON #70.