Vote Because it Makes a Difference


ELECTION DAY-Nov 21by Marion Marks

November 21 election results determine the future in Louisiana and Caddo Parish, either way the voters decide. Citizens can and will make a choice by casting a ballot or allowing others to vote for them through their failure to cast a ballot. “You cant be neutral on a moving train!” said Howard Zinn, and that’s the way eligible voters must recognize a responsibility to vote, or they give away their power and their rights. It’s really that simple, and no reason for not voting makes any sense – if you are alive!Howard Zinn_You Cant be Neutral

No other responsibility citizens possess is more powerful in determining a future path for the community than exercising your vote. And Caddo voters can’t see how much that vote is worth, when so many people and so much money is being poured into this election, they must be blind. The concept of the “Fat Cat” was easy to understand, as someone threw piles of “Street Money” to pay workers to stand on the corner with signs or give away bonuses to get voters to the polls (beside a ride or a boxed meal.) It was an embarrassment to some and a right for others.

George Soros-fat-catQuestioning the motives of someone who decides to run for office is natural. But understanding why an office that pays as much as $175,000 a year plus perks causes people to spend more than $1,000,000 on a campaign must cause others to question what else exists that makes the office so valuable.

From the simple voter, who has few community connections to the active church member, or the professional whose livelihood may depend on an elected officials patronage, every citizen has a vested interest in which candidate (in every race on the ballot) is elected. From the governor to the parish commissioner, to amendments and tax initiatives for sales tax to support sports in our community, all have implications that eventually effect each citizen.Desmond Tutu-You Cant be Neutral

If you read and study some of the media that is available, you will find how even the hotel-motel tax will create or cost jobs, depending on which side’s information or logic you view. There is no excuse to shy away from the polls because you are trying to be “politically correct.” This election, as most really are, truly makes a difference in every citizen’s life.

As, one editorial, taking to task non-voters, explained it, non-voters should be ashamed because they have no excuse for failing to participate in the democratic process. We are two weeks out from election day today, so I think it’s time to beat what some call the dead horse. Please RSVP for the November 21 Election Party! As John Porter taught people for many years the importance of being involved in the democratic process, it’s worth repeating.

Saturday VOTE!

It’s too late now, but hopefully you have Registered to become eligible to vote.

Study the issues. Here is a link to explain some of the options and logic behind what will be on the ballot.

Vote – Cast your ballot either through early voting this week prior to the election (November 7-14)

Participate in the election process by discussing the issues rationally and learn what each issue of candidate you vote for really means or stands for. NONE of the issues or candidate is generally as clear as some would have you believe. There are people out there trying to trick and make you believe some things that may not necessarily be true.