Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely…


Lord-Acton-Quotes-1by J. Casey Simpson, J.D.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”-Lord Acton

When he died in 1902, Lord Acton was considered one of the most learned people of his age, unmatched for the breadth, depth, and humanity of his knowledge. He has become famous to succeeding generations for his observation —learned through many years of study and first-hand experience—that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Cite: www.acton.org/pub/religion-liberty/volume-3-number-1/lord-emerich-edward-dalberg-acton

Money-Gavel            Having become discouraged by higher powers and large sums that seemed insurmountable to our ideals and good faith efforts to preserve dignity, freedom and the right to govern as a people of the American nation, I had been out of politics for ten years until summer. My first political campaign to work on was in 1986, a U. S. Senate race between John Breaux and Henson Moore. I was naïve. Now, having practiced in areas of law including finance, insurance, negotiations, criminal prosecution and defense, I had grown frustrated, or maybe I just needed a rest from the rat race. Rest time is over for me. Now is time to mobilize my energy, time and talent. Is it time you did too?

Dhu Thompson ADA, Caddo
Dhu Thompson
ADA, Caddo

            Mr. J. Dhu Thompson, currently a special state prosecutor, is in a hot campaign to reform criminal justice, restore trust, and bring innovative and modern methods and thinking – a fresh approach – to Caddo Parish. Mr. Thompson is a career prosecutor having tried a hundred jury trials and thirty murder cases.

            Our campaigns to elect a new Caddo District Attorney awakened me. Has it awakened you? Moreover, Mr. Thompson is campaigning for the masses. He is campaigning against foreign interests. He is campaigning for justice, safety and security. He is campaigning for us.

            Additionally, due to practicing mineral law and negotiating suits in other states, I had not been around local courts in a few years when I began my campaign for D.A. in June. Never having met Judge James E. Stewart, Jr., and not having seen Mr. Thompson in some years, I accepted each man equally, professionally. Both were courteous during our campaign meetings at forums in our parish. I had read reports of Judge Stewart’s misconduct; domestic abuse, abuse of travel privileges, violating judicial canon, professional incompetence, and being pushed into running for D.A. Now clear, Stewart was being urged to run by local bettors, firms – gamesmen, as it turns out – those who play games with others’ lives it seems; those who use public institutions and the poor for their personal benefit whether for ego gains by money changers like Mr. Marshall Jones, Jr., who has financed the election of his sister to the court of appeal, and her husband to the trial court. George Soros, a European hedge fund raider bent on his personal agenda, is using his billions to force us, the unwary, to accept his brand of leadership and justice. These local and foreign robber barons are the foxes raiding the hen house, and we the people are the hens. Bad men use those in politics whom they believe can win not because they believe the candidate to be the better one, but simply as a way to exercise power.

uncommon-sense            Further, I have learned much since announcing my candidacy for D.A. on June 2nd about how insensitive are those who seek to influence local elections from their downtown leather chairs, who’s heritage stem from slave owner ancestry – bankers, oil men and lawyers – big money, such as the local Community Foundation’s cash assets of One Hundred Five Million ($105,000,000.00) Dollars collected from local families both innocent and complicit in the veiled sham to build their personal fortunes under the guise of caring not dissimilar to Soros’ stated efforts, but who’s real agenda is simply self – ego run riot – rogue egos indeed! They own the media, the land, and the courts, both state and especially federal. We will never learn the candid truth from them. Except the honing of skills, nothing has changed since the Middle Ages. We are still lead around by our bridles by descendants and agents of the European Rothschilds, and this is by our choice due to our not voting.

            Finally, by their design the masters of deception and disguise, I have reluctantly concluded, are playing us good citizens like cheap fiddles. Yes, I was naïve, but not anymore. Are you naïve too, or is it finally time to boldly stand for good and against deliberate, evil manipulation of labor and poor?  Are we really Christ-like as we pretend, and good too, no matter one’s spirituality?  The masters of deception have discouraged us from participation; sixty-eight percent of us did not vote on October 24th. We lost by not voting. By their design, they won. Will they win again on November 21st? Yes, they will, unless we vote.

            We are good people. We will all be in heaven once we have finished our work.  Meanwhile, we the good of America have been so discouraged that we have allowed unwittingly to pass us by the reason our family members die and suffer in battle defending our way of life and the law that was supposed to make it possible to pursue happiness – the United States Constitution.  Patriots vote. Others do not. Merely pressing a button, voter-by-voter, is the easy, simple, yet elusive solution designed by smart framers that will not fail if we use the brains God has given us.  No large sum can nullify the power of voting en-masse, if we do it. Vote November 21 at your regular polling places, or tomorrow through next Saturday at Marshall and Milam. I am begging on bended knee. Grant that God save might us from our sloth, and our country, from evil influences of moneychangers in the Temple, that we might be strengthened to participate in American ideals. Amen. +

J. Casey Simpson, J.D.
Shreveport, LA