The Evolution of Unlimited Cash Donations $$$$$$…

Casey Simpson Candidate for Caddo DA
Casey Simpson
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Casey Simpson

We are witnessing an event in the evolution of American Constitutional Law; overt, unlimited cash donations to a local country / parish election, from foreign interests. This is unprecedented in American History, and it is repugnant to all notions of “fair play and substantial justice”, though especially permitted by U. S. Supreme Court law. But what is justice anyway?

Justice is whatever the voters say it is by either voting, or by choosing to not vote. Voting is the ultimate power – the last word – the final action. However, half our voters are inactive due to, one might assume, disinterest. I am afraid of what it might take in this time and culture to get voters again interested in free and open elections.


To a candidate and her supporters, there is only one goal; to get those voters to vote for her campaign, by using all forms of media, word of mouth being one. The campaign that can afford overwhelming media, by whatever delivery, generally wins.

When casting our votes we recall the message, name, and campaign spot we have seen or heard most, and did not hate, and then voted for that candidate. It’s simply human. Therefore, until Congress reforms campaign finance, we must, as voters and indeed, concerned citizens, take over our voting rights that can be done by social media and word of mouth. It’s one way to get our country back in the hands of the people.

AbraCadabra-MoneyWhile mainstream for-profit media is the primary source of information about candidates and their platforms, only those campaigns that can afford mainstream media will prevail – those who receive the largest cash donations. Each of us must participate in order for us, the people, to have absolute power.


J. Casey Simpson, J. D.
Candidate, District Attorney, 1st JDC.

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