My Response to Soros Money

Casey Simpson Candidate for Caddo DA
Casey Simpson
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Casey Simpson

Tragically, our Constitution means little. Unlimited cash donations to candidates could kill our hopes and dreams – dreams that once thrived until greed and evil penetrated the veil of protection our Constitution once provided those of us among the labor class and common good people of America, and Caddo Parish in this instance – those of us who, in the old country from which we won independence, would have been servants, commoners and the bourgeoisie. Our country’s health, wealth, success and happiness depend first on the general will of the people, in order to have a more perfect Union.

Great Success!
Great Success!

I admire Mr. George Soros’ success, his escape from Nazi occupied Hungary, and his philanthropy to positively affect the world. Mr. Soros is an expert at making money. However, I have utter contempt for his deviant effort to meddle with Caddo Parish Criminal Justice. He is not a criminal justice expert. He is not a Caddo Parish expert. He is not an expert on what we here in Caddo Parish experience. He is not an expert on what we here in Caddo Parish need, nor is he an expert on what we here in Caddo Parish want. Consequently, his efforts to make us accept what he thinks we need and want are meddlesome and perhaps even deviant. We may never know of either his real motives or the actual result of his big spending in Caddo Parish – its long-term affect on the state of our condition. Keep in mind, complicit in this charade is Mr. Hershel Richards, a shareholder in the downtown firm, Cook Yancey. Have a memory. Do not forget the accomplices.

PAC-Man-Special Interests InstructionsI am sad about this event, and I am also frustrated, but I cannot give up my endeavor to stand with you for what is right, and march with you towards our eventual success and happiness despite the numerous hurdles we must clear to get there. Mr. Soros’ stunt steels my resolve to work harder and longer for good and justice.

Therefore, will you join me in repelling this attack on our freedom and liberty, by rejecting Mr. Soros’, his efforts, his money, and his candidates, get into the streets with your candidate’s campaign, yell the good news, overwhelm the bad, and let us together fix Caddo Parish. Join me in my quest, and in my prayer for the common good of Caddo Parish. The business of the District Attorney is life and death. Lord, let us pay attention and give us strength.


J. Casey Simpson, J. D.
Candidate, District Attorney, 1st JDC.

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