Time for a Change of Culture

Lee Harville Candidate for Caddo DA
Lee Harville
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Lee Harville

Thirteen days from our election, 60 Minutes decides to run the story of Glen Ford, Marty Stroud, and current Caddo Parish District Attorney Dale Cox.  The timing of the release of this story, which appears to have been in the can for some time, is questionable. However, its message is loud and clear.  

No matter your view of this story or of the current administration or those who have been part of it, something has to change. Because of the leadership at the DA’s office, we, including hard working and honest prosecutors and police officers,  are viewed with disdain and distrust by those beyond our borders and by a good number of those within our parish.  In large part, this is because the current DA sees a system of justice that is incompatible with fundamental fairness, constitutional rights, and compassion.

        It was about winning

This story is at the heart of what is wrong with the current system. It is a game of chance played where the prosecution is the casino: it holds all the cards, knows the odds are stacked against the players, and manipulates the game to win at all costs. Right and wrong are a matter of oh well, we are human and we can’t always get it right. The justice system should be the ultimate machine to keep us safe from criminals and FROM THE GOVERNMENT. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men and women seeking to further their careers by winning.

Law v Spirit of the LawlWho can change this culture, that is adopted and accepted by the current DA.  Current DA Dale Cox did not accidentally ascend to DA.  He was hand chosen by his predecessor.  

Thus, someone hired by Dale Cox’s predecessor and allowed to take a supervisory role cannot escape the taint of the office’s culture.  No matter how pure their motives, they will be viewed by those outside the office as a mere changing of the guard, not as an independent and proven leader of change who can champion a new office culture.

Lady Justice, Shreveport CBS News

Likewise, a change in culture cannot come from someone who was in a leadership position in that office and left it only to sit in silence when they had the ultimate power to correct the wrongs of the current office.

New leadership must come from someone without the taint of this office.  It must come from someone with a history of fighting for justice with compassion and fairness.  It must come with someone with a proven record of fighting against wrongs, not of silently watching wrongs go unchecked.  

were-a-nation-of-laws-but-the-good-thing-about-america-is-that-laws-reside-in-the-people-and-people-quote-1I have defended society from criminals as a prosecutor.  I have defended the Constitution as a defense attorney and as a civil rights attorney.  I am a successful small business owner who ha a proven record of doing what is right with compassion, fairness, and justice.

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