Plague of the Cockroach is Upon Us!


Governor Debate NOLAby Marion Marks

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.Edmund Burke

The path for good to succeed is often slow, yet steady, but when people of conscience allow evil to remain and creep into our lives, those who seek good must struggle so much harder to prevail. And so it is in the election season as “cockroaches” abound among us in the open and feeling they can operate with impunity.

Cockroach_IntelligenceSo, who will survive when voters must decide among those who each may have been described at one time or another as some form of vermin? All too often it is the less glamorous, but extremely hardy cockroaches outlast even the doomsday asteroids and dinosaurs. Cockroaches are capable of surviving six weeks without any source of food. Though not choosy about what they eat, they survive on grease, hair, or glue found in corrugated cardboard. Some cockroaches in the political realm are seen as glamorous at first blush, yet patterns and general behavior demonstrate they are truly foul. Observers might miss them in normal commerce if their actions didn’t degrade even the carnival barker. They move nimbly and sneak about the perimeter of the law.

Consumption is dangerous...
Consumption is dangerous…

So, some words of warning for voters who hope to pick the most qualified candidates as we approach the October 24th election day. Even though they seem to move fast, cut costs, or make glowing claims regarding plans for a future (they seldom have much “skin in the game”) BEWARE! Beware of the candidate who screams too loudly! The too closely resemble the boy who cried wolf!

After we survive the plague and the floods that may follow, the smoke will clear and you will look around to see far too many cockroaches still threaten us. The cockroaches will be fewer, and perhaps a little more lean for our efforts to call them out, but too many will have survived.

The best thing about these times is that we see many of the vermin for the vile and unacceptable people they really are. But too often we must come back to demand that they be recognized for the harm they have inflicted on too many innocents. We may have forced them to be more creative about the castles in the sand they build, but they also grow smarter about how they spend their energy and time to work against the public interests.Cockroach-King

The age of this current crop may be ending, but the Plague of the Cockroach is forever. We must constantly remain vigilant!