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Campaign Announcement…

by Marion Marks

Eric Hatfield wants to be the Caddo Parish Sheriff, the Number One peace officer in Northwest Louisiana. As the currently-elected Constable in Ward 8, Hatfield already wears a badge, carries a gun and is empowered with the power to arrest and seize property. As a POST-certified* officer, the concepts of Due Process, elements of offenses and evidentiary standards, would still be ingrained in his psyche as a lawman. Unfortunately Eric Hatfield is NOT Post Certified!

So what happened September 17, 2015? Eric Hatfield posted what appeared to be a Facebook WANTED poster, pretending to need to identify and accusing this writer of stalking (which requires proof of specific elements) and child predatory behavior. You can imagine the responses Eric Hatfield and his “wife” Amy Senn, who bore his child and also posted her own accusations, caused. The hate came out toward the subject of their posts. Hatfield and Senn incited a Facebook sympathy riot, with predictable results.

Hatfield's "WANTED" Poster
Hatfield’s “WANTED” Poster

Although their allegations have no basis in fact, if they were genuinely concerned, Eric Hatfield should know full well that trying the case on Facebook is the last thing that should occur in a legitimate investigation. When Sheriff Prator has expressed his concerns about unprofessional lawmen endangering the community, Eric Hatfield provided a real-life example, at my expense. (continues below)

Waste Storage on Hatfield Property being photographed
Waste Storage on Hatfield Property being photographed Sept. 17, 2015

So what is the truth?

These most absurd allegations on Facebook arose from a photo-video shoot I made Thursday, September 17.  For more than twenty years, I have assisted private and public entities in clarifying issues through digital discovery. The professional work I do on a daily basis often assists law enforcement. I regularly contribute to Caddo-Bossier Crimestoppers, in the slow-motion, freeze-frame videos you’ve probably seen on TV or YouTube.

On September 17, I was looking into allegations made by numerous individuals who asked for anonymity. The compelling cases they made required visually documenting their allegations, before I turned the case over to law enforcement. Claims were based upon toxic materials stored on private property, which was in the midst of being covered up to hide the potentially dangerous chemicals seeping into the soil where they could have lingering effects.

Hatfield allegation of work
Hatfield allegation of work

My judgement was that I should photograph and video the potential danger before I called the proper law enforcement or environmental agency to report the allegations, so I acted. Presenting my business card dressed in company identification, I went to two businesses that adjoined one of the properties in question and asked for permission to photo and video from their property. In both cases, upon asking the person in charge or if the business owner was present, I received oral permission to proceed to acquire the images from their property.

Within twenty minutes I had completed the photography and videos I sought, which appeared to document the claims that were given to me. In one case I asked Gerry May, KTBS News Anchor, to meet me to hear the allegations from one of the witnesses.

Storage on Hatfield property
Storage on Hatfield property

What I didn’t know was that the subject of my investigation, Eric Hatfield, was probably made aware by one of the business owners that I had photographed his property. Hatfield apparently decided to fabricate a story to obscure the real reason for my work and deflect responsibility, by making up his own story that I was spying upon or stalking his family for improper motives. At no time in my photo mission was I aware of any people present, except for some cleanup workers on the opposite side of the buildings I photographed.

The photographs and videos I made are posted in their entirety here*.

Normally I would eliminate duplicates and select representative photographs for a presentation, but all photographs taken are for public review, since my actions have been wildly misrepresented. Copies of these photographs were provided the Caddo Parish Sheriff and Shreveport Police investigators contacted by Hatfield, myself or others. It is my hope that most people who have followed this on social media will see it for what it is, but some have made menacing comments, which concerns me, but which I understand, given Hatfield’s total fabrication.

I’m not going to address his specific drivel, through I have nothing to hide. I will not abide this type of libel and slander from anyone.  And I will utilize all rights I have to seek justice.

Once all the facts and accusations are investigated, in the opinion of my counsel, a former prosecutor with defense and plaintiff experience, the evidence will completely exonerate me from Eric Hatfield’s vindictive actions. He and his girlfriend may be held to answer civilly. If and when the investigation is marked “UNFOUNDED”, I expect Hatfield to double down and cast aspersions on the incumbent whose office he seeks. Then Hatfield’s motive will be abundantly clear.

Additional allegations
Additional allegations

That George Eric Hatfield would make these vile accusations is despicable. It absolutely illuminates the lengths Hatfield will go to construct a “case” and the lack of integrity that would be his benchmark, if elected. My respect for citizens who chose to run for public office remains high, but those who lie and manipulate the system must be called out for the absolute bums they seem to prove that they are.

Marion K. Marks
MMCC Forensic, LLC

NOT POST-certified*  Previously the article had information that we believed Eric Hatfield was Post Certified. It has since been confirmed that he is NOT! Thanks to our reader’s correction that is now verified!