Caddo DA Office & Fair Play

Casey Simpson Candidate for Caddo DA
Casey Simpson
Candidate for Caddo DA

By Casey Simpson

The Caddo Parish office of the district attorney ignores American standards of fair play and substantial justice by violating basic rights to a speedy trial and a jury of peers, for example, and this has bloated the docket, impaired the criminal court’s function, and wastes our resources. We have a problem, I can fix it, and I express how on my website.

Induced incarceration, caused, and perpetuated by the policies of the DA’s office, resulting in jail crowding of mostly indigent defendants accused of petty crimes and minor probation violations, multiple felony offenders who need to be tried, but have not, is the avoidable result. Cases prescribe. Rare dismissals or misdemeanor plea
options are offered despite the lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute the crime. One man has been for (7) years incarcerated awaiting trial!

Innocent Until Proven GuiltyConsequently, because all Americans are presumed innocent until proven guilty, we are jailing and feeding suspects, or even innocent citizens, and that’s a sin and a shame.

I am seeking support for the cause for a decent standard of justice wherein the guilty go to jail, and the innocent go home. I hope that you will contact me so I can share with you my experience and passion for our Caddo communities. Help me finance my cause for safe streets and safe families by clicking “Give” on my website or this Facebook page, tell your friends about me, and please vote for me? Thank you, and God bless.

Tele. 318.510.0366
J. Casey Simpson, J.D.

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