Stewart’s Defense Avoids Important Question for Voters


John Settle-Opinion-May 2015The questions my lawsuit raises has not been answered by pleadings filed by attorneys for James Stewart. And it is obvious that Stewart and his supporters do not want to answer them for Caddo voters.

Stewart publicly declared his candidacy for Caddo District Attorney on August 13. On August 8 Stewart sent a letter to the chief judge of the Louisiana Supreme Court advising that he would retire as a Second Circuit Judge on September 6.

The Code of Judicial Conduct addresses what a judge must do when he becomes a candidate for a non-judicial office (like DA)—stating that the judge shall resign[letter of resignation]. The legal question is whether or not Stewart should resign immediately—like on August 13 in this case.

Presently Stewart is still on the state payroll as a judge—and he will earn in excess of $10,000 from the date of his announcement until his retirement date. In the interim he can campaign (and he is so doing) without restrictions.

Stewart wants this case moved to New Orleans. If he has done no wrong, seemingly he would want to be exonerated in a Caddo district court before Caddo voters. Stewart has failed to provide any legal authority for him to be paid while he campaigns for District Attorney.

John E. Settle, Jr
hreveport resident


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