Judge James Stewart Not Available on Court Website


imageby Marion Marks

Obviously the Second Circuit Court of Appeal did not take Judge James Stewart’s decision to run for Caddo District Attorney lightly, even though he dated his resignation is not effective until September 6. The official website of the court has removed a link[this is how it was earlier today] to Judge Stewart’s personnel page and no page is visible with his name other than a dead link.

Litigation filed in Caddo District Court is making the rounds of judging in hopes of getting a hearing. At this point all judges presented with the case have recused themselves. More will certainly come for the litigation filed challenging Judge Stewart’s resignation, effective September 6, even though he has already begun his campaign.Judge not found to Stewart

Litigation document available here(download pdf]indicates the legal issues in question. Additional questions at this time regard the venue for filing the complaint and the status of Judge Stewart’s letter of resignation. Obviously the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has moved on.