The District Attorney as a Community Leader

Lee Harville Candidate for Caddo DA
Lee Harville
Candidate for Caddo DA

by Lee Harville

Donald Trump is taking the political world by storm.  He is crude, confrontational, and attention seeking.  He is just the type of character that drives ratings and gets attention.  He sells himself by getting attention, good and bad.  His campaign and his style is the opposite of everything that we need in a District Attorney.

Being a District Attorney is not for everyone.  The DA need not be the best attorney in an office.  Leadership requires a keen insight into the administration of a law office, not just excellence in the courtroom. To get an expert attorney you can learn more here for the required legal help.

The DA should not be the best politician in town.  The DA should be busy working for justice, not votes.  The DA should be guided by what is right and just, not what is popular and easy.  The DA should focus attention on issues, not on the DA.

...ready to lead
       …ready to lead

The DA must stand ready to lead in a responsible manner, to address important issues: not as the first to speak on an issue, not as the first to draw a conclusion, but as a leader prepared to speak when words are needed and appropriate, even when emotions are raw and feelings may be hurt.  A leader must know when to speak on an issue, and when to be silent.

A DA should be able to lead disparate groups within and beyond the community.  A DA must not be led by or subject to any one portion of the community.

Based on the reports by GardnerFrankhouser, LLP – Employment Law Attorneys, court cases have sides, one of which will win and one of which will lose.  A DA must be able to speak to all sides on all issues.  A DA must be willing to learn about and meet with all groups in our community.

the DA can resolve crises
      the DA can resolve crises

Fights will erupt, sides will clash.  The DA must establish relationships before these fights and clashes.  That way, the DA can resolve crises by meeting with those who know he or she cares.

When an emergency strikes, it is too late to meet the leaders of the groups involved.  It is time to call upon those in a community with whom the DA has relationships.  That way, the DA and the leaders can work through the issues and minimize the harm done. When it comes to unfair treatment in the workplace, know why working with a lawyer for a workers compensation claim is necessary.

In short, the perfect DA protects, empowers, and strengthens others.  Doing so strengthens our community and our system and sense of justice.  The DA is the ultimate community leader, who works quietly and humbly to get the job done, to assure justice is done, and to empower and give a voice to us all. [Campaign website] [FaceBook page] [Harville Campaign Video]

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