Ofc. LaValley is Dead; Grover Cannon is in Custody; Now What, Mr. D.A? About that Death Penalty…


Mark Rogers-oval crop-PortraitBy Mark Rogers

This one needs to go to Dale Cox, that’s what.

If I were the current D.A. I would give this to Dale Cox. As J. Florence was quoted in The New Yorker, Mr. Cox is awesome. Like Darth Vader awesome. I would hire Darth Vader and hand him Grover Cannon.

The panel of attorneys running for D.A. includes some outstanding trial attorneys. Dhu Thompson, Lee Harville and myself are all legends in our own right (ask anyone that frequents the courthouse) but Dale Cox is a master.

I will be the first to say that I think Dale is the perfect prosecutor for this case.

Should Mr. Cox seek the death penalty in this matter, and should I be elected during the prosecution, I give my word that I will not interfere. I will learn. And who better to learn from? Dale Cox is an undisputed master. Should I become D.A. I promise to give Mr. Cox full discretion over this case until it is resolved. Likewise for Dhu Thompson if he handles it. Mr. Thompson is a first rate prosecutor.

I will..."give support and back up my staff"
I will…”give support and back up my staff”

That is one of the main reasons I want to be D.A. To give support and back up my staff. I have always wanted to give assistant district attorneys the discretion, authority and “I got your back” support to do what’s right, instead of tying their hands and having the buck passed due to a policy. I have had good bosses; I have had bad bosses. I am a good boss. Good bosses lead and support.

Now about that Death Penalty….

Spiritually- I believe every person is a child of God. Killing a child of God is wrong. No matter how worthless that child appears, that child is alive and has some purpose, or destiny. I don’t know what ends God has planned for a sinner, but I am loathe to cut God’s chance to create a miracle before it happens. There is price to be paid for getting in God’s way. Death cuts short God’s work.

shreveport-police-Blue RibbonAs a Public Servant – I follow the law and public policy test to see if death is appropriate. In evaluating a murder case, the first prong is: Does it qualify to be Death eligible? This one certainly does. The killing of a peace officer with specific intent while the officer is legally performing their duties qualifies for death under the First Degree Murder statute. The second prong is: Is this case a suitable candidate to seek Death?

Deceased Officer SPD
We support you. This was wrong. Wrong enough to deserve the worst of penalties.

The senseless murder of a police officer in the line of duty, a damn fine officer at that, by a repeat felon offender is tragic and irreparable. What may appear like a need for revenge is actually a need to support our officers, with zeal, to the utmost. It’s a spiritual need, for the community to cry, to cry and cry out, “THIS IS WRONG!” We all feel it. This is a rare moment of enormous magnitude, that demands unconditional, unwavering support for law enforcement. Death is permanent. Ofc. LaValley is gone and will never be back. Killing Grover Cannon won’t bring him back. But the badges on the street need us. It’s a spiritual need. A need for support from the community they serve. A spiritual need to know, “We got your back…”

My duties as a public servant, my duty to serve the community, including my fellow public servants, dictates that my spirituality and my heart will have to suffer and harden for the good of the community. Grover Cannon must pay the highest price for his actions. He earned his bill. May God help him. I won’t.

To the officers who remain; Who go back out on patrol. Who are more wary and weary, a little more on edge, with their compassion in fatigue. We support you. This was wrong. Wrong enough to deserve the worst of penalties. We got your back. For what it’s worth, we support you, and we got your back.

Bring in Lord Vader.

Mark Rogers [Mark Rogers Campaign website]Mark Rogers on porch

Prayers for Ofc. Thomas LaValley and his loved ones.

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