Republican Beauty Contest and Caddo District Attorney Lineup


Not My Circus, Not My Monkeysby Marion Marks

The Republicans will have their “Beauty Contest” and the Caddo voters may have what some say looks like a lineup if the races continue to shake out as the script is now written. Each winner may be the last man or woman, as the case may be, standing after crimes or blemishes of the participants are revealed. And the judges or critics will pick every scab or rap-sheet for every piece of dirt possible. It’s the only way to keep the voters interested.

Come one, come all, It’s a BIG tent!

The “Main Event,” as the top ten candidate debate has been called, may be a sarcastic-comical feud with “The Donald” in a remake of a Trump TV series. The punch lines will draw snickers from the audience and billionaire PACs. And the net result is a willingness to refuel the favorites and continued giggles of eager political junkies looking for national entertainment. The parallel with the last presidential election cycle early front-runner Rick Perry seems to be on the minds of all who don’t want to make similar gaffs of forgetfulness.

In Caddo, a similar contest is shaping up as the cast of contenders for the open District Attorney seat grows and some seem to seek a short walk on the stage to promote a legal career or else prep for a future race after basking in the light. An additional angle is the darker side of some candidates that professional political promoters will certainly want voters to see, as they make sure dirt is readily visible before the real campaigning gets underway.

messy-double-dipEarly inspection of each candidate reveals glimmers of darkness to be leverage in the campaign of others who believe, or pretend, that “at least we aren’t guilty of those sins.” The obvious call is that all live in glass houses and when casting stones, we know that each is vulnerable to one issue or another.

What mud will Caddo voters see dumped at the doorstep when the messaging starts being slung across the airwaves or in our mail boxes? Obviously, some have put their past out as a scarlet letter to proudly share lessons learned. This noble path deserves some praise, as no leader can understand pain and suffering better than those whose personal experience recounts an obstacle overcome. As with quite a few of our local leaders, some strengths today are built on the fires that make the strongest steel. They came through the heat, and we continue to believe that lessons learned allow them to show better judgement and not make the same mistakes twice.Dirty Politics

Without enumerating great details, the truths of some of these obstacles, troubling questions or blemishes are evident in campaign announcements, news articles or early press releases of candidates Mark Rogers, Casey Simpson , Judge James Stewart and LaLeisa Walker Alford. And with Dhu Thompson, the trail of the DA’s office seems like a bell on the cat’s tail. It’s almost more than a candidate can bare until he puts his personal record out there for examination. And we eagerly await the data.

Trump Topwer-BankruptThen there is “The TRUTH about Donald Trump Success”–
Trump Towers: Bankrupt.

Trump Entertainment & Resorts: Bankrupt.
Three Trump Casinos: Bankrupt.
Trump Travel: Bankrupt.
Trump Airlines: Bankrupt.
Trump Mortgage: Bankrupt.
Trump AFL Sports: Bankrupt.

What about the Trump Presidency and the future of the two-party system? We can do better, I hope.