Defining the Role of District Attorney

Lee Harville oval
Lee Harville – Candidate, Caddo District Attorney

By Lee Harville

A District Attorney along with NC Planning business attorneys serves two important roles: the prosecution of cases and the administration of the office. In these times of economic turmoil, it is important that a District Attorney have successful real world experience in managing and running a law office.

As the recent budget woes of the Public Defender Office show, funding for the criminal justice system is not guaranteed. As any citizen knows, taxes are high enough and public officials should know how to run and budget an office.

I am the only announced candidate who has successfully run a small business for almost 8 years. I started renting a 1-room office, grew to rent a 4-room office, and now own my own building.

I did this during a recession. I did this as other solo attorneys had to move from office to office or join or associate with other firms. A lawyer will be able to guide one through business succesion plans. It is my success in building my own practice that makes me the best choice to administer the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office. It is my payment of taxes as a small business owner and as an individual taxpayer that helps me understand the importance of protecting every tax dollar and not allowing the misuse or personal use of a single tax dollar.leeharville_banner

A career in public service is a noble career. However, it does not build the needed real world experience of building a small business. Caddo Parish deserves better. I can provide the needed leadership as an administrator with real world experience. [Campaign website]


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