Gangs, Guns, & Community Responsibilities


Service Tire Map-Camerasby Marion Marks

In the early morning hours, 2:00 AM, of July 5, 2015 a large group began congregating on the premises of closed businesses located at the intersection of Hearne Avenue and Kings Highway in Shreveport [Shreveport Police Department Case: 15-134656]. Most of these people were parking on the lots of three corner businesses: Service Tire, Southern Maid Donuts, and Subway. Security cameras recorded a small portion of what transpired and it was posted on the Caddo Crime Stopper YouTube Channel on Tuesday, July 7. At this time the video has been viewed by over 15,000 people.

(Not previously seen synchronized cameras of last minutes)
It appears that aside from the eight participants who were hospitalized over 50 of those in the camera view must have been in possession of firearms, several of which were long guns or automatic weapons. The “firefight” lasted approximately thirty seconds, and I am told that on one lot alone 104 expended shell casings and two weapons were recovered as evidence.

Early shots being fired - participants noted
Early shots being fired – participants noted

The media has given this  limited coverage for an event of this severity. When questioned, several members of the law enforcement and prosecutorial community expressed appropriate outrage that this event has not brought a more appropriate reaction by leadership or elected officials. The silence has been a sorrowful disappointment to those who believe the lack of a rapid response is an acceptance of defeat.

In discussion with other citizens who have a desire to reign in illegal guns, illegal drugs transactions and make our community safer, the following questions were developed and have recently been emailed to leaders in law enforcement, federal and state prosecution and the media. I hope many citizens will read the questions, watch the violent videos of July 5th and demand answers from appropriate authorities.

Videos of importance: 1. Tire Shop Surveillance Video Released in Shooting that Injured Eight 15-134656
2. Cameras 1&2 Shreveport Police Report 15-134656 Synchronized at Service Tire, Inc
3. Shreveport Police Report 15-134656 – Focus of CCTV VehicleA Camera 1
4. **Two Camera details in HD with eClarification

Questions that need to be addressed:

  1. How early and on how many other occasions prior to this recording were people gathering on this lot in this manner?
  2. How many prior issues of crowd violence of this type have been experienced in Shreveport?
  3. What physical evidence was recovered from the scene?
  4. How many witnesses have been interviewed?
  5. How many reports were there to police (911) of this event?
  6. What has been the reaction to vehicles involved in the incident? [any impounded from hospitalized participants?]
  7. How many vehicles/individuals are involved? How many/types of firearms? How many vehicles impounded as evidence in the crime?
  8. What is the police, sheriff, district attorney, federal agencies/city (Mayor/City Council) reaction to this event? Who has actually been forthcoming? on the record? asked?
  9. Focus on several of the individuals firing guns – What type weapons have been identified?
  10. Were any vehicles traveling on I-20 affected by gunfire?
  11. Who are the adjacent property owners whose property was struck by gunfire & what were their reactions and damages?
  12. What information is available about arrests, warrants and how many officers are assigned to this case followup?