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We have received numerous requests to assemble links to videos and stories available concerning the Caddo District Attorney’s office and upcoming election. These links are a selection of current coverage – ALL Candidates and Issues will be added. We will attempt to keep a current log online and continue to update it particularly in light of national interest and the issues of the fall election.

Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox on Policies & Death Penalty Cases

Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox made a presentation June 30, 2015 regarding Election Issues and Media Questions:
Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox Part 1 of 2 (HD)
Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox Part 2 of 2 (HD)

Select sections from Dale Cox presentation:
Dale Cox Addressing New Yorker Article of Rachel Aviv
Dale Cox – Policies & Death Penalty Cases of the Caddo Parish DA Office
Dale Cox on the Confederate Memorial at Caddo Courthouse – On Moving it from courthouse!

Assistant District Attorney Dhu Thompson is another candidate running in the October primary. His presentation is in two parts:

Dhu Thompson, Candidate for Caddo Parish District Attorney Addresses Tuesday Breakfast Group(Part1)
Dhu Thompson, Candidate for Caddo Parish District Attorney Addresses Tuesday Breakfast Group(Part2)

Other candidates, of which there are expected to be at least seven(7) will speak to the breakfast group and may also be available online.

New Yorker article, July 6, 2015: Revenge Killing – Race and the death penalty in a Louisiana parish by Rachel Aviv.

Shreveport Times editorial: Caddo DA Needs to Represent All the People
Forward-Now article: Caddo Parish Louisiana – From a National FocusHigh Profile cases from prospective of Caddo DA

Impact of the death of Caddo DA Charles Scott

Candidate list (previously not included) running or possibly running for DA include: Lee Harville, Ron Lattier, Don Hathaway, Jr., Craig Smith, Ross Owen, Leon Emanuel, Brady OCallaghan, Paul Carmouche, Mike Pitmen. Links included in each name where applicable to either official site or article that mentions or references a run for the office.