The Disgrace of Querbes Golf Course Supervision


Golf Shirt-BANNEDby MK Marks

It came to the attention of the original author of this story that “a few active and avid golfers who customarily play at Querbes golf course had been” perhaps abused… All of this I believe is accurate, however the author asked that the article be removed, as new and previously undisclosed information of a personal nature made it such that he could not keep his name on the article. One of the abused golfers felt the story was “too sensitive” for the insulated Shreveport community. My feelings are that if the basic facts have truth, then the issues should become public and be resolved – regardless of feelings and side consequences. Basic abuses within the system and “side deals” with individuals have no basic right to exist in  the use of public resources and publicly funded institutions.

As far as the public golf courses, here are some facts and some documented satellite images from 2015 publicly available satellite images. Yes, some are winter shots, but the courses are troubled.

Huntington image – detailed holes below–

Huntington Golf Course (2015)
Huntington Golf Course 2015 satellite image

(more satellite detailed images linked below)Querbes_Golf_Course-Satellite 2015(lo-res)

After a review of facts about the condition of Querbes and Huntington golf courses it became clear to me that the condition of the courses was a real issue to any golfer who wanted to play on one of them. I felt it necessary for this blog to clarify some issues and stick with some facts I found to be accurate. (continued below)

Querbes_Golf_Course-Satellite 2015[Detail1]
Detail of holes near new clubhouse
is original article has been removed, however here are issues the public should question:

  • The Huntington golf course remains in very poor condition, and many golfers have quit playing there as well as Querbes because of these facts.
  • Rain has improved the grass growth since winter, but now there are large patches of unmowed and debris piled that cannot be considered “natural golf obstacles.”
  • The satellite images are not representative of today’s grass, but they are 2015 since February, and this still is unacceptable since Shreveport has never been a “desert climate” for grass when water remained available for the fairways.

Forward-Now Note: Walking the course demonstrated to us that the “Unmowed” areas, piles of debris truly are a problem. On Tuesday we walked the course and on the “CLOSED DAY” when most courses are being reconditioned because the players are not present, NO work was being done on the course, even when weather permitted. Reconditioning story of courses from KTBS.

Satellite Images Detailed:

Huntington detail-whole course
Huntington Select#1
Huntington Select#2
Huntington Select#3
Enlarged Satellite image
Enlarged detail of holes near clubhouse
Detail of some holes