Red River Rising in Shreveport – June 8, 2015

Normal versus June 8. 2015
Normal versus June 8. 2015

by Marion Marks

June 8, 2015 the Red River is expected to crest in Shreveport. Most people see the river as either flooding or not, based upon the danger level to their home or business, or as it affects their planned activities.

Much of the data regarding the status of the Red River is available from many sources, but a documentation of photos, videos and the relationship of the water movement may assist interested readers in better understanding all of the work required to keep citizens safe. The work of the Caddo Commission, National Guard, Caddo Sheriff’s office, Shreveport CIty Police, Caddo Levee Board, City of Shreveport, LA DOTD and many others and affiliate agencies coordinated in this one instance to keep at least a small segment of Caddo Parish & the City of Shreveport from flooding.

You will see images and videos, along with a description as I saw it over two days. Here is a satellite image of the section during normal river flow.

Red River at Jimmie Davis Bridge(Normal river flow)
Red River at Jimmie Davis Bridge(Normal river flow)

Here is a representation of the condition this morning as the river had breached the primary levee but was held by a secondary levee constructed in the day before.

Red River at Jimmie Davis Bridge(June 8 Annotated MMCC)

On Sunday, June 7th the parkway was closed due to high water, [videos of June 7th] and since Friday, June 6th, a secondary levee was constructed, as the original levee was being elevated and reinforced. This image is of the June 7 levee work. June 7 Reinforced Levee#1 07

Monday, June 8th, after the primary levee had broken over night, this is the condition at approximately 7:00 AM.

June 8-01 14

The secondary levee can be seen to the left of the photo. It was built over the prior two days with the assistance of all parties and primary work by the Louisiana National Guard at the request of the Caddo Levee District and the Caddo Commission. Cooperative  efforts required the city and other party’s approval and support.

Over the night of June 7th, divers of the Shreveport Fire Department assisted in plugging a drain pipe that kept water from flowing from the catch basin of the parkway at the break into the equilibrium pond along the parkway. If this pipe had not been plugged the water would have flowed through the 18″ pipe to all adjacent drains until water was at equal levels. This water would have flooded many residential areas near the parkway and to the west that were below the level of the river.

June 7th videos: Red River at Parkway – June 7th
Reinforcing Levees June 7th

June 8th videos: Red River Levee Breach #1 reaches equilibrium– June 8, 2015
Drive from 70th Street north along Parkway

More will be posted later today as videos filmed this morning become available – Check back soon!