Predicting the CPSB Mentality in Loss


by Marion Marks

i_votedBelieving there are abundant factual reasons to believe that Elliott Stonecipher was accurate in his assessment of the CPSB Bond election results, “… the boss-people’s secrecy that killed the plan. We have a mature population here, and we have seen every political trick in the book from local elected and other officials.”

I still believe that Superintendent Goree had raised the morale and the stakes for many of the failing schools he was saddled with, but the path he and the board must navigate are littered with bodies and remnants of mines from those whose agenda is marked by personal territories and profits for special interests.

Goree appeared on 710 KEEL this morning and gave an optimistic face to Saturday’s election results, and the questions of Erin McCarty and Robert J. Wright were pointed in the interview[KEEL INTERVIEW]. The election results are seen by many CPSB members and supporters as only a temporary setback. SO the opposition must prepare for a longer battle on educational philosophies.

Democracy CPSB Then & NOW(sm)The next phase of the CPSB strategies, both at Midway and the behind-the-scenes workers, will most likely be to steamroll along, making only legal modifications to their agendas so as to not violate the letter of the law, while retooling plans for the next bond election to overcome “minor obstacles” of what they believe to be an angry but lucky segment of the electorate.

The issue remains as Stonecipher describes, “… The process reeked of everything bad about local government. Secrecy. Intimidation. Law breaking…” and worse yettaking the “plan” on the road to local public meetings in our schools, then refusing to take questions from the public.” To those who favor free speech and open dialogue around election, this was perhaps the most egregious flaw of the board supporters. It was a matter of “Arrogance, disrespect for the people, and knowledge that the truth of the deal would drop chances of passage like house prices in Detroit.”

My interpretation is a simplistic diagram of how I believe the next phase of “ReFixing” the system will go. And as Stonecipher concludes, the FIXERS will be required to fix it enough.