Vote “NO” Like You Mean It!


by Marion Marks


There are so many people telling voters so much about the two bond issues on the ballot tomorrow that many people tell me the noise is deafening. What I do know is that there are lots of people worried about the results of the election who won’t take the time to vote, and worse yet they will be the loudest after the election complaining about the results.

All I am certain of is that the majority of voters –those who cast a ballot– will have doubt about their vote after they cast it, and it will cause many heart burn long after the vote is cast. I also believe that my all-time contention of “following the money” holds true here as much as it ever will. Those with a vested interest in construction and the business world around schools and the medical community -NOT THE TEACHERS & MEDICAL STAFF- are the loudest in generating business for themselves.CPSB shakedown-taxes Also, the community of election workers, the political machinery and the parasites living off the real workers are less likely to give best guidance on the issues behind the bond money that will be raised by taxes.

Seldom have I spoken against a bond election, because bond monies in the past were generators of jobs, education improvements and a better future for the next generation. However, scrutiny of these bonds causes me personal pain on many fronts. And knowing too many of the players and their motives gives me reason to step back and cry foul on too many supporters of these bonds.

public corruption is a pernicious ill!
Smell of personal motivation

In short the smell of personal motivation of the money being spent just doesn’t pass the simple test that I demand. Yes, there are many reasons to support the taxes, but equally the players who ponied up so much tax-payer money and public air waves on school media and with school resources make me very hesitant to believe the truths and half-truths that are being published.

Superintendent Goree has been a breath of fresh air, and Billy Snow has reinvigorated many tired schools and worn-out school workers. But that alone came too quickly to justify the actions and the rapidity of the bond plan showing up on the ballot. Motivations of the powers behind the puppets are too much in doubt.

The spokesmen of both sides have given voters many reasons to vote yes, but they also have hidden too many back-room meetings in the night and used too many shady tactics to promote their agendas. Bond elections generally have among the least voters for the very reason that only the ardent supporters will get out there and work to get voters to the poll. But in this case, the “NO” voice seems to have some punch at the last minute.

slaughter-sheepAs blatant as CPSB leaders were to demand the blank signatures of principals to attach them to letters written by others, I was saddened by this tactic alone. And other use of public resources as “tools to educate voters” reeked of dirty tactics. I will work to help punish those who violated the spirit if not the letter of the election laws if the CPSB bond passes due to the foul tactics.

So in the eleventh hour I pen my name to a final call to vote NO, because the tactics and the spirit of the bonds just can’t rise to the level I expect to say “yes.”