Councilman Bradford on Bond Election – YES

Willie Bradford
Willie Bradford, District A

by Willie Bradford, City Council District A

I have never seem the level of opposition from so many entities to a School Bond Proposal as I have the “Reinvest in Caddo Parish Public Schools” Bond Initiative. The debate has consumed social media. Within the debate we find a jungle of issues. And I mean a jungle of issues!! Oftentimes the debate is unpleasant because like having a nose, everybody have an opinion.

I’m been volunteering in Caddo Schools for many, many years. Over the last month, I’ve visited more then 6 schools. I also toured the schools in the Transformation Zone on March 26. Each visit was wonderful and inspiring. I was very impressed and left very encouraged by what I saw.Vote YES Sign

Unquestionably, Caddo Schools, (especially schools in inner-city neighborhoods, attended mostly by students from economic disadvantaged households) are being positively addressed. And are going in the direction. Doing my visits I found students, studying, smiling and doing their work.

These poor, innocent students have no idea of the debate that’s going on amongst adults regarding this Bond Initiative, and the issues involved. Issues none of which the students themselves created. But were created by adults. I can only imagine how some of these students would feel if they knew some of the things that are being said. And I have no doubt that if these students could vote, they would vote for going to better schools and their classrooms being equipped with the latest in technology.

man-holding-eyes-openWith the great progress that our School Board has made, and the fact that this proposition won’t raise property taxes, it is very important that we pass this proposition and allow progress to continue.

I just believe our students should be given the opportunity to go to better schools and their classrooms are equipped with the latest in technology. And That’s why I’m voting Yes for the School Bond Proposal.. I urge you to Vote Yes also, if Not For Yourselves, then for those that Cannot Vote!!!

Nevertheless, the vote on May 2 is not a panacea. Because in the final analysis, voting yes or no is not the end, the challenges will yet be before us. God put us here to prepare the next generation. That’s our job. Educating children and helping them achieve is apart of preparing the next generation. And we must never forget that.

Willie Bradford
City Councilman
District A