Challenges & Obstacles to Caddo Educational Opportunities


Big Obstacles-1by Marion Marks

Caddo Parish faces many obstacles similar regions encounter as limited resources are rationed to meet demands of health, education, security and the general welfare. Governing authorities make many decisions under difficult circumstances, often without the consent of the governed. Citizens provide a pot of resources officials use to direct expenditures and the officials struggle to control how services are provided and who takes what from the pot.

So you want a heart?
So you want a heart?

Equity or “give and take” slide along the fulcrum of political power which is leveraged to extract spoils from the public trough. Sadly, good citizens pay dearly as hard-ball politics trample the innocent who struggle to remain on the sidelines. Children in Caddo public schools, and their parents, appear to have their future resting on a politically-driven school board and a coming bond election. Power politics will decide the parish’s future.

brookingslogoCaddo citizens would be better served if they were in an information gathering mode at this time. Here is some material to weigh what others have learned. The Brookings Institution presentation and Q&A on The Future of School Choice is not far removed from Caddo options. Consider this material to expand discussions. The audio is broken into several sections you might consider separately or download and share.

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