Trying to be Optimistic for Caddo Parish in 2015


thick fog on roadby Marion Marks

The fog of the holidays will soon be lifting. Caddo residents need to gear up for the new year and try not to think about all of the failures and resources we’ve wasted over the past eight years that a failed mayor and school board allowed our system to linger in disrepair. As fun and pretty as the holiday decorations have been, it’s almost lovely to try to get your house back to something you can call a “ normal state” (whatever normal really means.)

let_it_go-let_it_go-Let_it_GO I enjoy allowing the holiday to settle into something past, behind me, and try to blaze forward into what I want to believe promises to be a healthier, wiser year! (As a popular and over used children’s chorus sings, “Let It Go, Let It Go!”)

What I don’t like about the holidays is the fact that I just never feel I have enough time to digest everything that transpired in the last year.
But, I refuse to follow the lead of former mayor Glover, doing absolutely nothing (literally not even going to work! ) I feel betrayed by someone who was so petty as to rail against the dog park up until his last day in office. I know that there is the argument that you can have too much of a good thing, and that may be true, but it doesn’t feel that way right now just having Glover out of office and also a new energized Caddo School Administration.

There have been many losses in our community over the last year, and I am more aware this year than others how lucky we are to believe it’s possible to have an almost clean start, even with what appears tback to school back to work FIX ITo be lovable, weirdos at many levels. Right now, I can not only tolerate the strange/awkward things some refer to as comments I read and hear about what I write and say, but I work to understand the motives behind the comments.

The work being committed to Transformation Zone schools may be a final opportunity to overcome years of neglect and abuse, but, I can appreciate the commitment required.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be back to rolling my eyes at how long it takes to get public records regarding what goes into “The Zone.” I believe we cannot just abandon or write off these segments of the community. And, as long as there is hope, some will strive to make a difference – these are true educators.

parties-overTrying to put the frenetic pace of the holidays behind me, and thinking about the hard work this winter will bring to our leaders doesn’t really allow my blood pressure to drop. I may be naïve, but I feel that with transparency and honest monitoring we may right the system and move to a winning track.