Forward-Now: Relativity in Interpreting History


By Marion Marks

It is reasonable to assume that whoever reads this blog will have considered another version of current historical data at least once by writing an angry review critical to what is written here as we have interpreted it. You will therefore have experienced at least some of the actions and decisions that led to the genesis of this blog, precipitated by the authors’ decisions to produce the interpretations you read.

Interpretations raise considerations and the basic question: which of the many views of events considered every day are worthy of a place in a history we decide is accurate, and why? 

Over the years, this has evolved into a further question. Given the nature of the current blog, and its peculiarities, is it legitimate to reconstruct our interpretations that deserve your serious consideration?

When the answer is that our writing is worth a read, (we readily state that such an interpretation of history should still be questioned because it is worth deeper study) we only ask that you share your opinion of our thoughts and demand greater scrutiny of the facts in question. Attention should be focused immediately on clarifying any facts and conclusions we suggest. This is our real belief and commitment!

First and foremost, our interpretation of  histories of society require discussion because we care about what is transpiring. Scientists, artists, reporters, policemen, doctors, explorers and sociologists all perform the same action but with different aims, which affect not only the technical quality of reporting.. Encompassing these differences within a unified narrative capable of accepting the varied interpretations is a challenge facing us. And it is a tough call for us as contributors and you as readers to make the determination to produce or read. We have limited resources of time and energy.

All we write, hoping you will read, presupposes the need to adapt our presentation tools of interpretation to the contexts of you, our audience, case by case. The consequences of reading an artistically conceived story is often a leap of faith for all parties. The fact that our work in 100% FREE to all of you and the fact that we receive no compensation, story by story, is our commitment to our priorities. We are honored to hear from those of you who chose to contact us about our contributions.

We hope you will continue to read and support our commitment and share our belief in the need to demand transparency in government. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the contributors at!