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by Rob Broussard [in response to Educational Change…]

I’m glad Mr. Marks enjoyed the bus ride and got to tour some schools, and I truly don’t want to be Debbie Damper on his enthusiasm for education as it requires consistent efforts from a variety of sources for schools to be successful. I also want our local schools to be successful, but let’s take our rose glasses off for a few minutes and consider the following about the public relations trip and those already identified who are pushing this “New Tax bond election proposal.”Education Ahead

  1. What riders saw on that trip is happening in most schools. What were the scores of the schools you attended? Where all the schools visited Title One Schools? What you see in many “non title one schools” is being accomplished for far fewer dollars per student than in “title one schools”. It has been a misnomer for decades thathrowing dollars at schools will change them. Parental involvement, one factor which you identified in at least one of the schools visited, will be the determining one for increased test scores. So you are right, we shouldn’t be talking so much about money but the real factors associated with student success. Maybe you should research the per dollar expenditure for student in other states that are labeled in the top ten nationally. you could take a look at acuvue contact lenses to help you have a fresh perspective.
  1. High_taxesAccording to Stoncipher’s facts, we have been the highest (or second) in property taxes in this state, for years. According to some of the architects, (will be brought out in great detail in the future with supporting data) the area defined as the proposed ISD, Forbing District (districts 4,8,9, 10 and 1, would have had $41,000,000 in surplus in the first year of operation with “supposed” bridge money for the old Caddo. I sure hope Joiner will be transparent with the data collected for that study. I suggest you contact me or research the ISD movement to see their “Talking Point” fact sheet. Why should one part of town pull the tax plow forever for the whole parish? Scott Hughes, Barry Rachal, Larry Ramsey had those facts too. Maybe we should make it a sales tax.
  1. School Closed and Boarded UpSuperintendent Goree and “committee” (which will be another topic discussed in the future weeks) are touting closing schools to “right size” this system. If Goree and the committee are sincere, then he HAS to close a high school, even though politics will get in the way. And you said it, we need to set aside politics…so lets really do it. Here’s why, Booker T, FairPark, Woodlawn and Green Oaks all combined, would have “Almost” the same student population as BYRD. In the last Freedom Of Info document obtained from a former Superintendent, the total cost per pupil of the first group identified above averaged $12,432.63. Byrd, Shreve and magnet had an average per pupil expenditure of $4,838.58. per student. I think I want to file a new FOI request to see where we are today with that.

There is more, but I will address only one and wait for the proposal to be made public since I have not been invited to “see” or “Ride” with the cheerleader at this time. I am awaiting Dr. Goree to try and convince me or ask my advice (which would be four things) about this bond and its timing. Charters will also be on that list. But to the final one for today.

  1. CPSB-Ollie-Goree-01Ollie Tyler for goodness sake, Ollie was the cheerleader… we went from a ranking of being number 12 in the state to lowly 35 by the time Tyler left. And guess who was involved with her during that time…Just Guess….. I am glad I wasn’t on the bus.

MONEY is not the key to “changing or Hope for our schools” – Nor is blaming the teachers for all the ills of this system.
More Later…

Rob Broussard
451 Sandifer
Shreveport, LA 71105