Editorial Committee Statement


dove_peaceby Marion Marks

Most recently I have received notice that “Someone is manipulating the Facebook ‘Likes’ on the posts of the blog I host and assist in editing – Forward-Now.com.”  I want to make it clear that I am not responsible for all the posts nor do I monitor the people who “Like” a particular article.

Anyone who is manipulating any statistics is doing so without my permission or knowledge, and the fact that someone is concerned with this potential probably indicates that one or more articles have hit on a tender subject or a raw spot with some parties. If the subject matters that are covered bother some, there probably is reason to read the articles. However, I am neither responsible for the subject matter or the monitoring of the statistics.

We WILL NOT PUBLISH COMMENTS on articles on the site, however we encourage comments on FaceBook, Twitter or wherever readers gather. I will not censor content except when language is unacceptable. There are others who assist with this task.

Feel free to submit subject matter and articles for posting. I encourage public comment, and will participate in civil discussion. BUT, I WILL NOT get into the harangues that some insist on calling free speech. It is neither FREE nor your right to beat on anyone other than yourself.

Happy Holidays! And to those of you who don’t understand that statement it means: Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Or whatever you chose to celebrate – in the least offensive manner possible.